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Best THCP Gummies of 2024

The wonderful world of amazing cannabinoids is forever growing, pun intended! There are tons of cannabinoids with unique traits, benefits, and properties, and many ways to enjoy them. Naturally, when a newer cannabinoid like THCP, or Tetrahydrocannabiphorol, appears on the scene, we want to find a simple and tasty way to enjoy it. So now we infuse it into delicious bites and make the best THCP Gummies around!

New to the hemp scene upon discovery in 2019, THCP is like D9 THC but with a distinct chemical composition! It is most beloved for its psychoactive properties and potential therapeutic benefits. Join us as we cover this potent cannabinoid that may deliver lovely effects worthy of your needs!

Best High Potency THCP Gummies 2024

Tingle senses or traverse new dimensions with THCP gummies! This innovative hemp product puts the benefits of cannabis within easy reach. And in tasty, bite-sized, discreet form!

Most say our THCP gummies are the best they have had, and you will likely feel the same once they go to work for you! Many take them daily, as our gummies blend quality ingredients that deliver blissful relief! Their natural formula lets you relax with peace of mind. While their fruit medley flavors make them as tasty as they are helpful to inward peace! And the ones found at Exhale are the best THCP gummies around!

Our premium THCP gummies meet the hype with a proven and powerful blend! Each gives 15mg of D9 THC from quality hemp grown in rich Colorado soils. And the cerebral-chillaxed effects of Delta-9 are enhanced with 1mg of THCP and 25mg of HHC. This balanced blend makes these THCp gummies a nightly favorite for many!

Finding the Best THCP Gummies By Exhale Wellness



Journey the express lane to the care-free zone with premium THCP gummies that pack 15mg of D9 THC, 25mg of HHC, and 1mg of THCP! They are a safe and natural way to address issues like stress and insomnia and a means to an improved life and sense of well-being! Unlike most sellers, our gummies only have natural ingredients! Artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives are never used!

Have long days at work or nights where racing thoughts keep you awake? Experience stress, tension, or discomfort often and want a natural way to relieve them? These THCP + HHC + Delta-9 gummies can save your night and sanity! Our quality THC sleep gummies bring a calm euphoria that can drift you to sleep and peaceful states! Thanks to the high-quality, hemp-sourced THC distillate used in them! They are also lab-tested by a vetted third-party lab, which ensures they are pure, potent, and safe to consume!

Our THCP Gummies are a medley of delicious fruit flavors like apple and berries, so each bite is delightful!

Our gummies hold lots in store for relief and wellness seekers as they give many potential benefits, such as:

  • Relief from physical discomfort.
  • Easing stress and tension.
  • Improving moods.
  • Stimulating appetites.
  • Relief from nausea and vomiting.
  • Better sleep and rest cycles.
  • Enhanced creativity.

We sell the best THCP sleep gummies around, which you can see for yourself when you try them for the first time! Make sure to go slow, start with a low dose, and take only half a gummy at first to see how you feel before upping the dose!



As the THCP gummy of choice for many, these Amanita + D9 + THCP gummies pack flavor and potency! Best for the bold who seek inner peace and deep euphoria states, these THCP chews do not disappoint.

Deep dive into the care-free zone and traverse celestial heights with euphoria-inducing gummies! They are potent, natural, and lab-tested to assure maximum results and potency. This will show upon trying them for the first time, as the feelings of powerful elevation often take less than an hour to arrive!

Each gummy packs 10mg of Muscimol, 15mg of D9 THC, 1mg of THCp, and 500mg of Amanita Fruiting Body Extract, including the mushroom’s caps and stems. Plant-based and federally legal, D9 + THCP + Amanita gummies are a safe and legal way to elevate the mind and senses! Most experience restorative levels of rest, pleasantly euphoric journeys, and a much greater sense of peace and well-being.

Our THC gummies for euphoria also have a kiwi flavor profile that brings joy to taste buds in each bite.

Exhale THCp Gummies let the potential benefits of this potent cannabinoid shine! Give them a try to enjoy:

  • Mind-freeing effects.
  • Reduced discomfort.
  • Care-free sensations.
  • Stimulated appetites.
  • Enhanced rest cycles.
  • Contemplative meditation.

Get the best of all worlds in one bite with THC gummies that take you soaring to new heights of blissful peace! Start with low doses, as the effects can be seriously potent and intense! Too much may send you to cosmic heights, so start with half a gummy until you see how it makes you feel.

What Is Hemp-Derived THCp?

There are several hemp-derived cannabinoids, and THCp is simply the most recently discovered one. It comes from certain strains of cannabis plants and has a distinctive chemical structure. Tropical kush is one of the strains you can find THCp in. It is over thirty times as strong as regular THC and binds to receptors in the brain more fully than D9 THC. A higher binding affinity explains the potent effects it is known for. THCP is also legal in nearly all states as it has under 0.3% of THC by volume, but the THCP content means it can pack a punch! This is especially true for our THCP blend gummies that combine it with HHCAmanita, and Delta-9 THC! The ultimate mix for wellness and cannabis enthusiasts!

How Does THCp Work With The Human Body

THCP delivers its effects once it reaches CB1 receptors in the endocannabinoid system. This novel yet potent cannabinoid has an affinity to CB1 neurons, and it binds tightly to them! This may give calming vibes, enhanced moods, and relief from physical discomfort, effects that often arrive in an hour or less! We must first examine its molecular makeup to understand how THCP interacts with the body.

It has a structure like D9 THC but a longer alkyl side chain with two more carbon atoms than D9 THC. Per research and medical experts, this enables THCp to bind to receptors in the brain faster and more strongly. As a result, enhanced sensations and psychoactive effects may be unleashed! But this is no surprise as THCp holds the title as the most potent THC analog discovered to this very day.


The Benefits of THCP Gummies

The benefits of THCP gummies can be plentiful. From a little recreational fun to relief from physical discomfort, there are plenty of potential upsides to THCp. Read as we cover the potential advantages it has to offer!

THCp Gummies For Discomfort

THCp is over thirty times as efficient as D9 at binding to CB1 receptors in the brain. This enables deep levels of rest and an easier time falling asleep. Given its molecular structure and deep engagement of the ECS, it may also relieve tension and muscular discomfort. Thanks to this type of effect, many people use THCP to help with sleep, physical discomfort, stress, and anxiousness. If the goal is less tension and discomfort, our D9 + HHC + THCP Gummies can help make it happen!

THCp Gummies For Sleep

The most notable benefit THCP gummies offer is their ability to induce pleasing and relieving sensations. THCp strongly bonds to CB1 receptors in the endocannabinoid system. Once this occurs, a soothing wave of euphoric goodness may wash over you! For the more experienced THC consumer, THCP is an all-natural sleep enhancer! Its higher potency and sedating qualities may be just what you need to unwind after long, tiring, stress-filled days!

THCp Gummies For Stress And Anxiousness

Of the numerous potential benefits THCp is studied and cherished for, its ability to reduce symptoms of stress and anxiousness is one of them! THCp fulfills the desired effects for most people with its unique chemical makeup. Given its deep descent into endocannabinoid receptors, most who use THCP claim to reap hours of relief from a single THCP gummy! If stress often dominates your day, sanity, and peace of mind, give these THCP gummies a try!

What Factors Make The Best THCp Gummies?

There are several crucial factors to consider when buying THCp products. Most importantly, the brand you consider should use USA-grown hemp and demonstrate lab test results that confirm the contents of their product. Look for positive customer reviews and transparency in a company’s sourcing, manufacturing, and production processes. Finally, on the company’s website, to see what information they provide to potential customers, the best brands create and share informative content that helps you better understand what you are buying.

Are THCP Gummies Legal in the USA?

Yes! THCP gummies are legal in the US and not banned by federal agencies or the Food and Drug Administration. With the 2018 Farm Bill passed, hemp-sourced products with less than 0.3% of THC by weight are legal to enjoy! Exhale gummies comply with this bill and ship to all states that have legalized medical/recreational cannabis.

THCP Gummies Side Effects

A safe and pleasing time is best had when you take them as advised on the bottle they come in. Side effects of THCP gummies seldom arise and are often quick to pass if they do. When you take more than your tolerance can handle, you may get too high and get a dry mouth with hazy-reddish eyes. Grogginess, lightheadedness, and mild blood pressure drops are other possible effects of THCP. Dose mindfully and start with half a gummy to see how it makes you feel. Consuming THCP responsibly will help you keep undesirable effects at bay!

What’s the Difference Between THCP and Delta-9 THC?

How does THCP compare to Delta-9 THC? To start, it has a unique molecular makeup. THCP has long alkyl side chains, while Delta 9 has a shorter pentyl side chain. This is why THCP can better bind to CB 1 and 2 receptors and bring more potent results. One thing that sets them apart is potency, as THCP has a seven-atom side chain. This makes it thirty-three times stronger than D9 tetrahydrocannabinol!


Best THCP Gummies FAQ

THCp is relatively new, and there is a lot to learn, so you may have more questions about this intriguing cannabinoid. To help, we have compiled our answers to the most common questions we receive from those new to THCP gummies.

How Should THCP Gummies Be Stored?

THCp gummies are best stored in a sealed, airtight container. Keep them in their original container and store them in a dry, cool space away from sunlight. Storing THCP gummies correctly will keep them fresh and potent for a year or longer! For best results, ensure the lid is tight to avoid air and moisture from entering, as this can dry them out and reduce efficacy.

Can I Take THCP Gummies on an Empty Stomach?

THCP gummies are safe to consume on an empty stomach, but the effects will hit faster and harder. The body absorbs THC quicker when there is no food in your stomach, so keep this in mind if consuming before lunch or dinner. If you take a THCP gummy on an empty stomach, expect the effects to hit you quicker and subside slower!

Can I Take THCP Gummies With Other Supplements?

THCP in our gummies is lab-tested to ensure they are potent and safe to consume, but it may not be best to mix them with medicines and supplements. Taking a THCP gummy with other medications or supplements may cause undesirable effects. As such, consult your doctor or healthcare professional before eating THC gummies, especially if you take medications or have underlying health conditions.

Are THCP Gummies Suitable for Vegetarians or Vegans?

Indeed they are! Our THCp Gummies feature a plant-based and vegan-friendly recipe. They are a natural product with real fruit flavor and genuine vegetable coloring! Making all-day, guilt-free relief a true joy for vegan-going cannabis lovers.

How Long Does It Take for THCP Gummies To Take Effect?

THCP gummies can take thirty minutes to two hours to feel. How soon it kicks in varies based on each individual’s weight and metabolism. If you are new to THCP or hemp cannabinoids, start with half a gummy per dose. Then, wait at least an hour before ingesting more to see how you feel. Remember, if you take too much, you may get uncomfortably elevated!


THCP is a newer yet potent and cherished compound now taking its place among the ranks of Delta 8 and 9 THC! From its effects and potency to its strength and potential benefits, it is now used daily by millions of people who want to enjoy the elevating effects of cannabis without the hassles of rolling or smoking. For a relieving, elevating, safe, and enjoyable experience, buy THCP gummies from a trusted seller whose products are tested by a vetted third-party lab. At Exhale Wellness, our THC gummies are rigorously tested and made to leading quality-control standards that go above and beyond other brands in the hemp industry! If you are ready to take control of your wellness and inner peace, THCP gummies can be a great option for that!

Want to fall asleep fast and lay racing thoughts to fast rest? Our D9 + HHC + THCP GUMMIES will get the job done! Looking for pleasing, euphoric journeys and sensations that elevate your mind, body, and spirit? Then our Amanita + D9 + THCP Gummies are for you! Order today for an unforgettably elevating cannabis experience!

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