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Look no further than our Live Resin Gummies for maximum potency and flavor. Each gummy is infused with live resin, a hemp plant extract that preserves the precious cannabinoids and terpenes that typically get lost during the drying and curing process. More cannabinoids and terpenes mean more powerful live resin edibles to supercharge your daily routine! Enjoy the benefits of this potent cannabis extract with our Live Resin Hemp Gummies!

For maximum potency and flavor, Live Resin Gummies provide hemp lovers with a satisfyingly powerful punch in small, juicy packages. While most hemp gummies are made using dried and cured hemp, Live Resin Edibles are created using freshly frozen hemp flowers. This method preserves all the cannabinoids and terpenes that are otherwise lost to traditional harvesting methods. 

For those seeking a mighty bolt of euphoria and creativity, try our Delta 9 THC Live Resin Gummies. Check out our live resin CBD gummies if you prefer an emphatic sense of calm. Or grab one of each to feel the full range of benefits our Live Resin Gummies offer! But before you do, let’s find out exactly what Live Resin Gummies are and why you need to make them a part of your wellness routine. 

what is live resin?

Live resin is a concentrated extract containing many beneficial hemp plant compounds preserved at their freshness. The compounds in live resin include:

Cannabinoids: Cannabidiol (CBD), THC (Delta 9, D9, D9 THC, or THC), and trace amounts of other cannabinoids.

Terpenes: Compounds responsible for flavor and smell.

Flavonoids: Plant compounds responsible for pigmentation.

Live resin is one of the multiple cannabinoids and is made by freezing the hemp flower immediately after harvest, preserving the maximum amount of these essential plant compounds in their “live” or pristine form. The frozen hemp flower is processed further using safe and clean extraction methods to obtain live resin. This concentrated extract provides a fresher and more potent experience for consumers. 

what are live resin gummies?

Live Resin Gummies are bite-sized chewable candies infused with hemp-derived live resin. These delicious live resin infused gummies are awesome for discreet consumption, giving consumers maximum convenience and potency. Not only is each gummy packed with cannabinoids preserved at the peak of freshness, but they also contain natural fruit flavors to please your sweet tooth. 

Although both THC and CBD interact with our endocannabinoid system (ECS) — an internal network of cell-signaling receptors that help to regulate several biological functions, including mood, memory, appetite, and sleep — they each offer noticeably distinct effects. Our CBD Live Resin Gummies are great for calming, relaxing effects. They make a great addition to your daily wellness routine and can help optimize your total well-being. For those seeking a creative boost and a strong euphoric sensation, our Delta 9 THC Live Resin Gummies are perfect. Let’s examine some of the other benefits our Live Resin Gummies provide to consumers.

benefits of live resin hemp gummies

Our Live Resin THC Gummies allow consumers to experience the full spectrum of cannabinoid effects. At Exhale Wellness, we offer two types of Live Resin Gummies: CBD and Delta 9 THC. Each variation provides unique benefits for consumers looking to take their wellness game to the next level.

Powerful Calming Effects: Both our CBD and Delta 9 THC Live Resin Gummies can ease tension and relax the body, depending on the consumer’s previous experience and preference. For those new to Live Resin, try our CBD Live Resin Gummies as a handy tool to provide a powerful sense of calm when feeling anxious or agitated. However, if you want to take your relaxation game to the next level and are familiar with the effects of D9 THC, we recommend our Delta 9 Live Resin Gummies. These gummies offer a potent serving of relaxation and uplifting euphoria to help you relieve stress and tension.

Inspiring, Focused Mindset: Adding hemp-derived live resin gives these gummies an extra punch that is great for sparking your imagination & getting into a flow state. If you’re already feeling inspired & looking to focus the mind, our CBD Live Resin Gummies are an excellent option to keep your concentration on track. When you want to get into a creative headspace and need something to help focus your mind, reach for our Delta 9 THC Live Resin Gummies.

Controlled, Clear-Headed Euphoria: Infusing live resin in our Delta 9 THC Gummies means more cannabinoids and terpenes to enjoy. This potent combo creates a bright and blissful euphoria that is smooth and long-lasting. This infusion makes Delta 9 THC Live Resin Gummies an ideal choice when you want a controlled, clear-headed way to elevate your mood. Similarly, live resin disposable offers a clear-headed experience.

Fast-Acting, Easy To Use: Simply chew and swallow one of our flavorful gummies to start experiencing the benefits of hemp-derived live resin. These tasty treats will usually take effect in 45-60 minutes, making it easy for anyone to enjoy them anywhere and anytime! They also come pre-measured, which takes the guesswork out of dosing.

Smoke-Free Alternative: For those who prefer discreet and convenient ways to enjoy cannabinoids, our gummies provide a great smoke-free alternative to smoking or vaping. With a selection of juicy fruit flavors in every bottle, you can enjoy the thrust of Live Resin Gummies without inhaling anything! However, if you are addicted to smoking, you should go for our premium live resin carts instead of choosing any other alternatives.


At Exhale Wellness, we take pride in providing all-natural, holistic solutions for your health and wellness needs. We craft our Live Resin Gummies with the utmost care and attention to detail. We make our Live Resin Gummies with the following:

  • USA-grown hemp: We use USA-grown, 2018 Farm Bill-compliant hemp to make our Live Resin Gummies and they meet the Farm Bill’s 0.3% or less THC standard.

  • Hemp-derived live resin: We infuse these gummies with live resin extracted from hemp flower flash-frozen at the peak of freshness. This provides the greatest amount of cannabinoids and terpenes possible. Our extraction uses state-of-the-art technology and safe, clean extraction methods to ensure quality and customer safety.

  • Natural fruit flavors: Our Live Resin Gummies come in an assortment of delicious, natural fruit flavors. They do not contain any artificial ingredients, flavors, or colors.

  • Lab tested for safety: A third-party laboratory independently tests our gummies to ensure their safety, potency, and purity. The results of each lab test are published in a Certificate of Analysis (COA), which confirms all ingredients and cannabinoids present.
Alongside our dedication to making quality products, we’re also committed to our loyal customers. Here’s how we help you save money on all our products:

  • 30-day money-back guarantee: Try our Live Resin Gummies, knowing that if you’re not completely satisfied, you can return them! We offer a free 30-day money-back guarantee on every order.

  • Get exclusive savings: Subscribe to our newsletter to receive notifications about our sales and new product drops. Stay in the know so you can enjoy our full range of products!

  • Save 25% on every order: By joining our free subscription program, you can save 25% on each order. Get your Live Resin gummies bi-weekly or monthly to stay stocked up and save on every order!

How is Live Resin Made?

Live resin is a high-quality cannabis concentrate. It is celebrated for preserving the authentic terpene profile and potency of the cannabis plant. The live resin extraction process begins immediately after cannabis plants are harvested. These freshly harvested cannabis plants are flash frozen. This maintains their valuable terpenes and cannabinoids. This method differs significantly from traditional drying and curing processes, which can diminish the plant’s natural flavors and potency.

The extraction of live resin employs chemical solvents in a closed-loop system. This ensures the capture of a full spectrum of compounds from the frozen plant material. This technique focuses on freshly harvested and flash frozen cannabis plants. It helps in retaining the original aroma and benefits of live resin. This sets it apart from cured resin and other cannabis concentrates. The process results in a potent, aromatic concentrate. It delivers a true-to-plant experience. That’s why cannabis consumers often prefer live resin for its flavor and therapeutic properties.

For those looking to consume live resin, it’s available in various forms such as live resin cartridges, edibles, and more. However, understanding live resin proper storage is crucial to maintain its quality. Store live resin in a cool, dark place to preserve its rich terpene profile and potency.

How is Live Resin Different from Live Rosin?

Production Method:

  • Live Resin: The process utilizes chemical solvents in a closed-loop system to extract a full spectrum of compounds from fresh frozen plant material. It is designed to capture the diverse range of cannabinoids and terpenes compared to other concentrates. The process preserves the freshness and potency of the cannabis plant.

  • Live Rosin: Live rosin is a solventless extract. It is made by applying heat and pressure to either dried cannabis flower or fresh frozen material. This method, avoiding chemical solvents, highlights the plant’s natural flavor and potency.

Flavor and Experience:

  • Live Resin: This cannabis oil offers consumers a potent and aromatic experience. It has a rich terpene profile that closely mirrors the original plant. The extraction technique ensures a flavor and aroma that is more aromatic compared to other cannabis products.

  • Live Rosin: Live rosin is also rich in flavor. It is prized for its purity and natural extraction process. This process also results in a high-quality concentrate. Its terpene profile is slightly less potent than live resin’s. However, it still provides a deeply satisfying experience.


  • Live Resin: The complex extraction methods and equipment for producing live resin often result in a higher cost. The investment reflects in its potency and aromatic profile, making it a premium choice in the cannabis market.

  • Live Rosin: Live rosin is a premium product, but it can be slightly less expensive than live resin. This is due to the solventless extraction process. However, the meticulous production process for high-quality live rosin can also influence its price point.


You may have more questions about our Live Resin Gummies. We compiled this list of frequently asked questions that you might find helpful and provide you with the answers you’re seeking.

Our CBD Live Resin Gummies feel like a wave of calm washing over you, bringing you a deep sense of tranquility. Our THC Live Resin Edibles feel like an expansive bolt of energy that will get your creative juices flowing. Most people tolerate CBD and THC well when following our recommended serving size. However, if you overconsume these gummies, you may experience minor temporary side effects such as dry mouth, dry eyes, upset stomach, or drowsiness.

You can usually feel the effects of Live Resin Gummies around 45-60 minutes after consuming. These effects typically last 4-6 hours for most people, providing satisfyingly potent euphoric and calming sensations.

Our Delta 9 THC Live Resin gummies will certainly provide a sense of clear, controlled euphoria. But if you’re looking for gummies without that euphoric kick, we recommend our CBD Live Resin Gummies. So whichever end of the effect spectrum you are looking for, our Live Resin Gummies have you covered!

Yes, our Live Resin Gummies are 100% federally legal. Our gummies are hemp-derived and contain 0.3% or less THC, in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill. Although most states permit the purchase of hemp-derived products, we advise checking your local state laws regarding hemp before purchasing products from any retailer.

Our suggested portion size is 1 gummy daily. However, if you are less familiar with Live Resin Gummies, we recommend starting with half a gummy. As you become accustomed to the effects, you can gradually increase your consumption to a level that satisfies you and your needs. If you are experienced with Live Resin Gummies and understand how CBD and THC affect you, we recommend 1 full gummy a day or as needed. However, if you still want to go for more stronger effect than resin gummies, explore these delta 9 gummy cubes with new products.

Live resin gummies offer a potent experience, with each gummy typically containing around 15mg of Delta 9 THC. This dosage provides a robust effect, making them suitable for both recreational and therapeutic purposes, depending on individual tolerance and usage intentions.

Live resin gummies are rich in Delta 9 THC, derived from hemp, and may also contain a spectrum of other cannabinoids, such as CBD, CBG, and CBN, depending on the extract used. This variety contributes to a full-bodied effect, enhancing the overall experience.

Live resin is often considered a premium option due to its preservation of the full terpene and cannabinoid profile, offering a more authentic and potentially beneficial experience. However, “better” is subjective and depends on personal preference and desired effects.

When produced by reputable manufacturers who adhere to strict quality and safety standards, live resin gummies are generally considered safe. Consumers should look for products with clear labeling, third-party lab testing, and compliance with local regulations to ensure safety and quality.

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