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Enthusiasts are in full agreement: if you haven’t tried THCA yet, you’re missing out on the most powerful hemp experience imaginable! What sets our premium selection of THCA hemp products apart from the rest? Applying heat to THCA converts it to Delta 9 THC — the world’s most potent cannabinoid — resulting in a powerful mind, body, and spirit-lifting euphoria that will leave you elevated for hours. Experience this classic feeling of exhilarating cerebral stimulation and enhanced euphoria for yourself with our top-shelf line of THCA hemp products today!


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Hemp flower enthusiasts have turned their attention to the mother of all cannabinoids THCA (Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid), for a more classic smoking experience backed by the familiar euphoric sensations of THC. In its naturally occurring form, THCA is a non-euphoric cannabinoid that has several beneficial applications. When heated, THCA transforms into active Delta 9 (THC), the iconic cannabinoid known for its pleasant, stimulating, and potent euphoria.


Exhale Wellness is excited to add a selection of THCA products to our ever-expanding lineup. With this awesome cannabinoid now available in convenient pre-rolled joints or packaged flower, the classic cannabis smoking experience we all know and love can now be delivered straight to your doorstep with our Farm Bill compliant, hemp-derived THCA products!

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