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Skunk Candy - Snow Caps THCa Flower

Skunk Candy - Snow Caps THCa Flower

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  • 3.5 Grams Skunk Candy Strain CBD Hemp Flower
  • Pure THCa Diamonds Coating
  • 800mg of THCa in every jar
  • 40% + Total Cannabinoids
  • Farm Bill Compliant – 0.3% or less Delta-9 THC
  • USA-grown hemp
  • Third-Party Lab-Tested for Quality

California Consumers Prop-65

Prop-65 Warning

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When you want a smoking experience that gives you soaring cerebral euphoria and a robust physical relaxation, check out our Skunk Candy Strain of Snow Caps! Combining the mouth-watering flavor of this classic skunk strain with a coating of pure THCa diamonds results in a balanced effect between mind and body that gives you the best of both worlds. With nugs this frosty, you’ll be taking a trip to the highest peak of the hemp smoking experience! Skunk Candy hemp flower coated in pure THCa gives us the perfect pairing of CBD and THC, with buds looking like they’ve been dusted in powdered sugar with a sweet caramel flavor to match. As soon as you light up some of this flower, the coating of THCa rapidly turns into Delta-9 THC, swiftly delivering its invigorating effects. Check out some of the most potent hemp flower around, amplified with pure THCa diamonds!


The Skunk Candy strain, also known as Kandy Skunk, crosses the legendary Kandy Krush X Skunk #1 strains, resulting in a indica-dominant hybrid. Smelling and tasting of sweet caramel with a funky twist, this aptly-named strain is known for delivering clear-headed, energizing effects. Fans of Skunk Candy describe its effect as focused and mood elevating, with an uplifting cerebral sensation. With the addition of THCa diamonds, this effect is intensified and extended, so even a small amount goes a long way! For anyone who could use an energy boost to start their day or wants more focus throughout the day, Skunk Candy may be the strain you’re looking for! Thanks to the full body relaxation that sets in after the cerebral journey, this is also a great choice for some deeply chill good vibes that won’t put you to sleep. Enjoy the candy-like, funky flavors of this forest green flower, and let the powerful euphoria transport you to the mountaintops. Check out our Snow Caps Skunk Candy today!


  • Skunk Candy (Indica-Dominant Hybrid)
  • Premium Hemp Flower
  • Pure THCa Diamonds
  • Tasting Notes: Sweet, Gassy, Funky 
  • No artificial flavors or terpenes
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