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Godfather OG THCa Flower

Godfather OG THCa Flower

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  • 3.5 Grams Godfather OG CBD Flower
  • Pure THCa Diamonds Coating
  • 800mg of THCa in every jar
  • 40% + Total Cannabinoids
  • Farm Bill Compliant – 0.3% or less Delta-9 THC
  • USA-grown hemp
  • Third-Party Lab-Tested for Quality.

California Consumers Prop-65

Prop-65 Warning

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Love the smooth, mellow feel of CBD flower but miss the sweet euphoria of THC? Our newest flower gives you both in one powerful package! Combining the award-winning Godfather OG strain with a coating of pure THCa diamonds delivers a potent yet balanced effect that gives you the best of both worlds. Our Snow Caps THCa and CBD flower combo gives you an unmatched level of frost, taking you to the highest peak of mind-altering, cerebral effects hemp can offer! Seamlessly blending the perfect pairing of CBD and THC, these buds have the appearance of a powdered donut with a sweet flavor to match. This well-rounded effect is a result of a tasty CBD flower strain being coated in THCa, which rapidly turns into Delta-9 THC when you apply heat – by vaping or smoking, for example. Check out some of the finest hemp flower in the country, supercharged with the high-octane effect of pure THCa diamonds!  


  This hard-hitting Indica is definitely a nighttime selection, front loaded with the invigorating cerebral effect of THC, and rounded out with the relaxing feel of CBD. This makes for a balance of physical and mental relaxation, setting the ideal tone for a good night’s rest. Godfather OG has a very layered flavor, starting out with the sweet taste of fermented berries and ending with piney and gassy notes on the exhale. The aroma is an equally funky delight, with pungent notes of gassy, over-ripe fruit and dark chocolate-covered raspberries.

Overall, All this makes Godfather OG an extremely relaxing strain with a sweetly sedating effect that should satisfy even the most experienced hemp enthusiasts. Get the full range of potential benefits hemp has to offer, along with the added punch of THCa. Check out our Godfather OG Snow Caps today!


  • Godfather OG (Hybrid)
  • CBD-rich Flower
  • Pure THCa Diamonds
  • Tasting Notes: Pine, Grapes, Fuel
No artificial flavors or terpenes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Arthur Scott
We call it the Christmas Special

The Godfather along with the Skunk Candy are two of the best flowers we've ever tried. Definitely a great time!

Great new product!

Very pleased with the smoothness and effects! Nice job and keep up the great work!

Ralph Falco

Godfather OG - Snow Caps THCa Flower

Kevin King
Snow Caps are Cool!

I love the feel and the taste.

Dank, dense, A+ bag appeal CBD flower that reeks of skunk and fruit

Couldn’t recommend it more, though weight was light

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