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THC Lube 1 & 8 oz (30 & 250 mg D9 THC)

THC Lube 1 & 8 oz (30 & 250 mg D9 THC)

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  • Available in 1 oz. and 8 oz. bottles
  • 1 oz bottle contains a total of 30mg THC
  • 8 oz bottle contains a total of 250mg THC
  • Water-based
  • Fast-Acting Nano Formula
  • Latex-safe


California Consumers Prop-65

Prop-65 Warning

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In a paradigm shift of perception, the normalization of cannabinoids has ushered in an era of comprehensive exploration of how they could benefit health and wellness. Embracing the diverse potentials of hemp and cannabis, society is delving into uncharted territories of sexual wellness, intimacy, and arousal. With a growing acknowledgment that sexual health is an integral facet of overall well-being, the novel use of THC Lube and other cannabinoid-infused products offers a new gateway to unlocking heightened levels of intimacy and sensual pleasure.

Once relegated to the margins due to its mind-altering nature, THC now takes center stage as a potential catalyst for creating deeper connections and heightened pleasure in erotic settings. The cannabinoid’s ability to relax the mind and body offers a tantalizing prospect—potentially amplifying the realms of sexual pleasure and emotional intimacy. This exciting journey into cannabinoids for enhanced sexual wellness underscores the transformative potential of hemp and cannabis in facilitating deeper connections and enriching our most intimate moments.

What Is THC Lube?

THC lube, also known as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol lube or Delta 9 lube, is a sexual wellness product infused with delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main psychotropic compound found in cannabis. The goal of THC-infused sex lube is to potentially intensify sensation, increase relaxation, and possibly enhance orgasm by leveraging the reported effects of THC on the body, such as heightened sensitivity and altered perception.

Ingredients in Our THC Lube

  • Purified Water
  • Hemp Extract
  • Propanediol
  • Citric Acid
  • Hydroxyethylcellulose
  • Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose
  • Potassium Sorbate
  • Sodium Benzoate
  • Xanthan Gum

What Are the Effects and Benefits Of THC Lube?

The effects and benefits of THC lube can vary widely from person to person. Some potential effects might include heightened sensations in the intimate areas, increased blood flow, potential relaxation of muscles, and potential enhancement of arousal due to the psychoactive properties of THC. THC may potentially offer several beneficial effects in sexual settings. However, it’s important to note that individual responses to THC can vary significantly. Here are some potential benefits that some individuals may experience:
  • Heightened Sensations: THC may intensify physical sensations in intimate areas, potentially leading to increased pleasure during sexual activity.
  • Increased Arousal: Some users report heightened arousal or libido due to the psychoactive effects of THC, potentially leading to a more intense sexual experience.
  • Relaxation of Muscles: THC’s potential muscle-relaxing properties might contribute to a more relaxed state during intimacy, reducing tension and promoting a more comfortable experience.
  • Altered Perception: THC’s psychoactive nature might alter perception, potentially making sensations feel more intense or enhancing the emotional connection during intimacy.
  • Potential Stress Reduction: THC might alleviate stress or anxiety for some individuals, potentially leading to a more relaxed and enjoyable sexual experience.
  • Enhanced Intimacy: The altered state THC induces can enable deeper emotional connection and heightened intimacy between partners.
  • Discomfort Relief: Some users claim that THC could help alleviate discomfort during intercourse by potentially reducing tension, soreness, and sensitizing areas.
It’s important to approach THC use in sexual settings with caution, especially for the less familiar. Individual responses to THC will vary significantly based on factors such as dosage, tolerance, and personal sensitivity. Consulting with a healthcare professional and starting with lower doses are advisable steps to ensure safety and comfort when using THC in intimate settings.

What Is the Difference Between Normal and THC Lube?

The primary difference between “normal” or conventional lubricants and THC lube is obviously the presence of THC. Conventional lubricants are typically designed to reduce friction and enhance comfort during sexual activity, while THC lube contains the psychoactive compound THC, which might lead to altered sensations, potential mood enhancement, and a different experience compared to non-THC-infused lubricants.

What Happens When You Use THC Lube?

When using THC lube, the THC in the product interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system upon application to intimate areas. This interaction might lead to heightened sensations, increased blood flow, potential relaxation, and a possible alteration of perception due to the psychoactive properties of THC.

What Should I Look For When Buying THC Lube?

When considering the purchase of THC-infused lubricants, it’s crucial to take various factors into account to ensure safety, effectiveness, and overall satisfaction with the product. Here’s a comprehensive list of factors to consider:
  • THC Concentration: Determine the THC concentration in the product. Different products may contain varying levels of THC, so understanding the potency is crucial to managing the potential effects.
  • Ingredients: Thoroughly review the ingredient list. Look for natural, high-quality ingredients, and avoid products with additives or potential irritants that could cause discomfort or allergic reactions.
  • Source and Quality of THC: Ensure the THC used in the lube is sourced from reputable and legal cannabis sources. Look for products that undergo rigorous testing for purity, potency, and the absence of contaminants.
  • Type of THC: Consider whether the product contains delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (Delta 9 THC) or other THC variants. Different types of THC might offer different effects and have separate legal considerations.
  • Lubricant Properties: Assess the lubricant’s effectiveness as a lubricant itself. Consider factors like texture, viscosity, and compatibility with condoms or other products used during sex.
  • Safety and Allergens: Verify that the product is formulated specifically for intimate use and is free from ingredients that might cause irritation or allergic reactions on sensitive skin.
  • Brand Reputation: Research the brand’s reputation, including customer reviews and testimonials. Trustworthy brands prioritize quality, safety, and transparency in their products.
  • Legal Considerations: Be aware of the legal status of THC-infused products in your area. Ensure compliance with local laws regarding the purchase and use of THC-infused products.
  • Personal Sensitivity and Tolerance: Recognize your individual sensitivity to THC and consider your tolerance level. Beginners or those with low tolerance should start with lower concentrations.
  • Consultation with a Healthcare Professional: If you have any concerns about using THC-infused products, especially in relation to pre-existing medical conditions or other medications, seek advice from a healthcare professional before use.
  • Price and Value: Evaluate the product’s price in relation to its quality, potency, and effectiveness. While price shouldn’t be the sole factor, it’s essential to consider value for money.
By considering these factors, individuals can make informed decisions when selecting THC-infused lubricants, ensuring a safe, enjoyable, and satisfying experience while minimizing potential risks.

Why Choose Exhale Wellness’s Delta 9 Lube?

Exhale Wellness’s THC lube stands out due to its formulation, which is designed and intended to heighten arousal, minimize discomfort, and improve overall sexual experiences. We only use high-quality hemp sourced from reputable and Farm Bill-compliant hemp cultivators. Our additional supporting ingredients are always listed for transparency, we have thousands of positive customer reviews, and we submit all products for independent lab testing to verify potency, purity, and safety. Customers can examine these results in the form of a Certificate of Analysis (COA), which is available to view right here on our website. For all these reasons, we believe Exhale Wellness is one of the best places to get your THC Lube and other hemp-infused sexual wellness products.


If you have more questions about our THC Lube, you’re not alone! We’ve compiled a list of the most common queries we receive below, along with their responses.

Can I Fail a Drug Test Because of THC Lube?

Yes, using THC lube can potentially result in a positive drug test for THC due to its absorption through the vulva, urethra, or anus. THC can enter the bloodstream and may be detected in drug tests, potentially leading to a positive result and a failed drug test.

Can You Get High Off of THC Lubricant?

THC lube contains mind-altering THC, and using it may lead to intoxication or a cerebral effect. The intensity of the effect may vary based on factors like the concentration of THC, individual tolerance, and dosage used.

What Does THC Lube Do?

THC lube, due to the presence of THC, might enhance sensations, potentially increase arousal, and alter perception in intimate areas. This is more noticeable when used in vaginal or anal intercourse, as THC can be absorbed into the bloodstream and interact with the endocannabinoid system.

Is THC Lube Safe for Sex?

The safety of THC lube for sex depends on various factors, including individual sensitivity to THC, potential allergies or adverse reactions, and the product’s overall formulation. It’s essential to consider personal health conditions and consult a healthcare professional if there are concerns about using THC-infused products during sexual activities.

How Long Does It Take for THC Lube To Kick In?

The time it takes for THC lube to take effect can vary widely based on factors such as individual metabolism, dosage used, and application method. Some users might experience effects relatively quickly, while others may require more time for the THC to be absorbed and produce noticeable effects.

Does THC Lube Actually Work?

The effectiveness of Delta 9 THC lube can vary among individuals. Some users report heightened sensations, increased arousal, and altered perception in intimate areas when using THC lube, but individual experiences may differ based on tolerance, dosage, and personal sensitivity to THC.

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