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It’s almost that time of year when we gather with those we love, share a few meals, and hopefully spend some quality time together. For many of us, this season is also a time to give gifts to friends and family. As hemp wellness becomes more mainstream and many of us are able to benefit from this changing landscape, we can share the plants we enjoy with the special people in our lives! Hemp and Amanita muscaria give us a natural way to get relief from the various stresses of the holiday season, and sharing that relief is exactly the type of good deed that gets us in the holiday spirit!

However, many have never had the opportunity to buy hemp-derived products for their loved ones. With that in mind, we’ve put together this helpful guide to gifting hemp and Amanita muscaria across a wide range of our premium product lineup. We’ve compiled our guide into sections based on what we feel each product is most suitable for. Check out the section that applies to your desires, or read through and get a full rundown on choosing the right product for each person you’re giving presents to this year!


The holiday season can be a stressful time, especially if you’re hosting guests or feeling anxious about being around certain family members. It’s also a great opportunity to introduce relaxing hemp and Amanita muscaria products to a friend or family member, which is always a great moment to experience together! We’ve highlighted three of our favorites for keeping the vibes high and the mood mellow for the whole holiday season.

D9 Gummies

The classic choice and preferred option for most hemp consumers, our selection of Delta-9 THC Gummies has something for every enthusiast. Featuring a range of potencies, we even have a THC and CBD option for a more balanced or low-dose effect. Delta-9 delivers a blend of cerebral and physical effects with a cloudy feel, which is a pleasant sensation for regular THC consumers but can sometimes be too much for the less familiar.

HHC Gummies

When D9 THC is too intense but you still want to enjoy the same type of effects, check out HHC, or Hexahyrdrocannabinol. This close cousin of D9 is known for helping to relieve stress and help you unwind while allowing you to feel cool, calm, and collected. Consuming HHC in gummy form allows you to enjoy that feeling for up to 8 hours! Our delicious HHC Gummies come in different potencies and are all lab-tested to deliver consistent results.

THCa Vapes

Our newest line of hemp vapes features THCa, the natural precursor to D9 THC that is abundant in a number of hemp strains. When THCa is heated, it turns into D9, delivering all of its well-known uplifting and relaxing effects for a traditional cannabis experience. Our selection of THCa Disposable Vape Pens features both classic and new school strains, so there’s something to satisfy every palette!


Getting relief from discomfort is one of the most common ways to enjoy hemp’s benefits, and we’ve got a range of products specifically created for that purpose! If you’re spending the holidays with someone who has bodily discomfort, they might just love one of these! Check out our selections below, ideal for helping sore bodies and tense minds get the break they need to recharge and recover during the holidays.

CBD Salve

One of our favorite products to share with someone experiencing discomfort from stiff joints or tired muscles is our CBD Salve. A topical product that you rub on your skin, salve is perfect for introducing someone to the power of hemp for the first time, as they don’t have to worry about any cerebral effects from ingesting it. You can directly apply our Relief Salve to a targeted area and begin feeling relief in as little as 10 minutes!

Live Resin Disposables

When inhaling is the preferred option, our Live Resin Disposable vapes are another excellent choice for fast relief from discomfort and muscle soreness. Disposables are straightforward to use and can be thrown out once finished. Choose from the mild elevation of Delta-8 THC or the calming relaxation of CBD and help a loved one feel some relief in a portable and discreet package!

D9 + Live Resin Gummies

For the experienced consumer who wants a more well-rounded effect, our D9 Live Resin Gummies are a great choice. Live resin is an extract that preserves a bunch of cannabinoids and terpenes, giving you more flavor and potency than a standard D9 gummy. Each cube packs 15mg of D9 alongside all the extra compounds, so even a single dose is satisfying enough for most types of discomfort.


Another one of the most common benefits people experience from hemp products is better sleep quality. Whether it’s trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or just feeling more rested when you wake up, our hemp products can help! Give the perfect gift to anyone who finds it difficult to unwind during the holidays, helping them get more rest and relaxation!

CBD + CBN Gummies

Specifically created for sleep issues, this version of our gummies packs a blend of relaxing CBD and sleep-inducing CBN. These two cannabinoids are an ideal combination to unwind both mind and body, helping to set the stage for a good night’s sleep! If anyone you’re seeing this holiday season is not a hemp consumer but struggles with sleep, this is the product to get for them!

CBD Soft Gels

For a straight CBD product that has a similar effect to our sleep gummies, Soft Gels are one of the simplest and most recognizable ways to give the gift of CBD. Each vegan-friendly capsule only contains full-spectrum CBD extract and MCT oil, free of fillers or unnecessary ingredients. Our range of Soft Gels lets you choose from options that offer 10mg, 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg per dose, so you can find something for every level of CBD experience.


For those who are more accustomed to taking their natural products in oil form and don’t mind the taste of hemp, our CBD Oil is another wonderfully simple option for calming your mind and body. Combining full-spectrum CBD extract with hemp seed oil, this straightforward tincture gives each person the flexibility to choose the exact dose they want with the included dropper. The tincture is held under the tongue and absorbed in the mouth, so effects are felt even faster than with edible forms of CBD.


While we love hemp products for their restorative and relaxing qualities, we also believe it’s important to enjoy the more casual and recreational applications of hemp-derived goodies. Perhaps you’re just looking for something that will keep spirits elevated, helping everyone laugh a little more and stress a little less? This is the section for that, as we highlight three of our tried-and-trusted hemp and Amanita muscaria products to bring good vibes and giggles to your holiday gathering!

D8 Gummies

One of our most popular products and a certified crowd-pleaser, our Delta-8 THC Gummies deliver a great all-around combination of uplifting and relaxing effects. The milder intensity of D8 compared to D9 also makes it an excellent choice for gatherings with folks who have less familiarity with THC.

THCa Flower & Pre-Rolls

If your gathering is going to include a few folks who are more traditional hemp enthusiasts, take advantage of some of the most potent hemp flower around and enjoy a group smoke sesh! Our variety of strains come in various sizes and are also available as handy pre-rolls if you want even more convenience!

Mixed Gummies

If you’re going to be hanging out with a group of experienced hemp lovers or fans of fantastical fungi, check out our recent drop of Amanita mushroom + THC Gummies! Featuring different options with some of our most potent formulations yet, these are definitely not for the beginner, but experienced voyagers will love sharing our selection of Mixed Gummies with their inner circle!


Hemp and Amanita muscaria are regular companions of artists, musicians, filmmakers, and more. Whether it’s blasting through creative blocks or delivering a burst of inspiration, our range of hemp and Amanita gifts has something for the artist in your life (or yourself, if that’s you!). Check out these rare cannabinoid Gummies and experience the magic of Amanita with our suggestions below.

THCA Preoll - Han Solo

Spark your creativity by sparking up this preroll. Whether you’re creating or looking to relax these preroll are just for you. As THCa transforms into the potent THC this high will surely elevate your creativity. Spark a preroll!

D8 + live resin disposable vape

Need creativity on the go – our D8+Live Resin disposable vapes are for you. With the chance to take a hit whenever you want and elevate your mind to creativity. This vape is great for the artist, musician, or weed enthusiast in your life.

Amanita Gummies & Caps

Revered by various cultures throughout the ages, Amanita muscaria mushrooms are known for giving consumers deep introspection, insights, and vivid dreams. Unlike other magic mushrooms, Amanita doesn’t cause hallucinations and is a lot more calming, working its wonders in the night hours and delivering fantastical dreams while we’re asleep. For a full guide on everything you can expect from our Amanita Dried Caps and Gummies, check out our blog on the effects of Amanita!


Of course, there’s the evergreen application for hemp-derived products—relaxing and kicking back! For those who aren’t looking for much of a change in their cognition but could use some natural chill and mood elevation, the products we suggest are mainly CBD-rich. Check out these options for hemp goodies that are pleasantly calming without shifting your perception much, if at all.

cbd + live resin

Combining the rich flavor and cannabinoid variety of live resin with the relaxing qualities of CBD makes these bite-sized delights delicious and soothing! They are one of our favorite products for sharing with anyone who is curious but unfamiliar with hemp edibles because they deliver noticeably enjoyable effects without THC’s invigorating euphoria. 

CBD Vapes

If you have a group of friends or family members who are open to inhaling their hemp, our selection of CBD Vape Carts and Disposables has something for everyone. With a range of strains and limited edition flavors to choose from, our lab-tested vapes are potent and free of any additives or filler oils.

CBD + THC Gummies

When a little bit of cerebral stimulation is called for, our CBD + THC Gummies are a great way to enjoy a more balanced, well-rounded hemp experience. Every CBD-rich, delicious bite is also consistently infused with up to 5mg of D9 THC, depending on the formulation you choose.


If you’re celebrating Christmas this year, we’ve also got a few gems that would make great stocking stuffers or smaller gifts if you’re gifting over multiple days. Check out some of our in-house favorite ways to share packages that are small but mighty!

Maui Wowie Vapes: A limited edition flavor that won’t be around much longer, this classic Sativa is a deliciously energizing way to enjoy uplifting effects and sweet, piney flavors.

D8 Crumble: One for the experts! A concentrated hemp extract packed with Delta-8 THC, perfect for adding to joints, bowls, pipes, or consuming with an extract vaporizing device.

D9 Brick: Another newcomer to our lineup, this little block is a super-dose of D9 THC, with a massive 100mg infused into each delicious gummy brick!


At Exhale Wellness, all of our products are made to rigorous standards from Farm Bill-compliant, federally legal, USA-grown hemp and Amanita muscaria mushrooms. We lab-test every batch of gummies, vapes, flower, and all other products, with the lab results available on the website for consumer viewing.

If you still need reassurance on the premium quality we offer, check out any of the thousands of satisfied customer reviews on Trustpilot! We’re proud to provide an extensive range of top-shelf products that are consistent, potent, and safe. We want you to be able to gift any of these products to someone you care about with confidence, so we also offer a money-back guarantee!

To sum it up simply, we’ve got something for literally everyone you might be buying a gift for! We hope you found the format and content of our guide helpful, especially if you’re planning on gifting hemp and Amanita muscaria this year! Share some of nature’s most awesome plants and fungi with friends and family this year by exploring our collection today, and make this season one of wellness and happiness for the ones you love!

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