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is delta 8 cbd

Is Delta 8 CBD? Not Quite! Learn More Here

Delta 8 can be confusing for people just venturing into the hemp industry. It’s fairly new, and many people wonder how Delta 8 compares to marijuana or CBD. We often get the question: “Is Delta 8 CBD?”


We don’t blame you! There’s a lot of information out there about CBD, Delta 8, and marijuana, and putting the pieces together from a bunch of different sources is a struggle. To answer your question, Delta 8 and CBD are both cannabinoids from hemp but are two entirely different substances. Let’s get into it a bit more.




What is Delta 8?

Delta 8 or Delta 8 THC is a substance taken from the hemp plant. It grows on the trichomes of the plant in very small numbers. Though it is a natural compound, the amount of Delta 8 THC needed to make Delta 8 products cannot be harvested in sufficient quantities without some intervention. Most companies alter the structure of other cannabinoids to create Delta 8. In other words, we can turn cannabinol (CBD) into Delta 8 THC through magic! Well, we actually use chemical reactions.


No, this doesn’t mean that Delta 8 THC is artificial or riddled with toxic chemicals. When we say “chemical reactions,” we’re referring to the chemicals inside the cannabinoid. The conversion process commonly used is just a combination of heat, light, and time.



cbd and delta 8 bottles



Where Does Delta 8 Come From?

There are different ways to make Delta 8 THC. Naturally, growing Delta 8 and harvesting it from hemp plants is the first way, but it isn’t feasible to produce Delta 8 THC. Each plant is made of less than 1% Delta 8 THC, which means that you would go through thousands of plants before you had any significant amount. Obviously, nobody obtains their Delta 8 through this method.


The next method involves an isomerization process of Delta 9, another cannabinoid. Delta 9 is a compound found in cannabis that causes you to feel high when you use marijuana. It is also nearly structurally identical to Delta 8. You can convert Delta 9 into Delta 8 by moving a double bond from the 9th carbon chain to the 8th. This changes how the compound works, effectively converting it into Delta 8. However, because Delta 9 is classified as a Schedule 1 drug, it is federally illegal to sell products made from cannabis. This means it is illegal to sell Delta 8 made from Delta 9 THC in most parts of the country, so we use CBD instead!


The safest and most common method is an isomerization process of CBD to Delta 8. This involves much of the same technique you would do to convert Delta 9, except you use CBD in its place. At the end of this process, an isolate or distillate of Delta 8 is used to make various products.


What Are the Benefits & Effects of Delta 8?

Delta 8 produces similar but much milder effects than THC-heavy cannabis products. Fans of Delta 8 THC products choose D8 because of the euphoric, fuzzy feelings they give you, with a low risk of negative reaction. Marijuana has a reputation for making people paranoid and sluggish, thanks to a high content of Delta 9 THC. The psychoactive properties of Delta 9 are mimicked through Delta 8 at a much gentler rate (though this doesn’t alter its potency — the effects are still quite powerful!).


When taking Delta 8 THC, you may feel what is described as a “floating” or “alert” feeling, depending on the strain you choose. Sativa-dominant strains tend to make you feel more alert and invigorated, while Indica-dominant strains relax and mellow out the body. In general, Delta 8 is uplifting because it elevates your mood and causes deep feelings of relief. It can take that metaphorical weight off your shoulders and gently invite you into a peaceful mindset.


The benefits of Delta 8 products can range depending on strain type, product type, and potency. These benefits can include:


  • Stimulating appetite
  • Reduce nausea and stomach upset
  • Dull minor aches and pains
  • Uplift mood
  • Improve focus
  • Clear your mind
  • Whole-body relaxation
  • Improve sleep quality and duration
  • Reduce nervousness and stress
  • Increase sensory experience
  • Boost concentration and performance



What Type of Delta 8 Products Are There?

We mentioned that your experience with Delta 8 could vary depending on the type of product you are consuming. So what do you have to choose from? Well….a lot.


D8 Flower

Currently, hemp flower is not at the stage where it can be grown and harvested naturally. Some hemp strains have higher concentrations of Delta 8, but we are many years away from cultivating designer plants with sufficient amounts for commercial use without intervention.


A distillate of Delta 8 is sprayed or infused into a CBD flower to make Delta 8 flower. The flower will have the properties of the hemp strain it’s made from with the added boost from the Delta 8. This means that there can be as many types of Delta 8 strains as there are CBD strains. Delta 8 flower can be smoked or eaten, making it a multi-functional product.


Carts and Vape pens

Carts, short for “cartridges,” are disposable pre-filled tanks of Delta 8-infused vape juice that work with a permanent, rechargeable battery. The liquid inside the tanks is heated into vapor you can inhale for instant effects. When the tank is empty, you throw it away and attach another cartridge to your battery!


Vape pens work the same way, except the battery is inside the pen. These products can be disposable or refillable but can give you fewer options than an interchangeable cartridge. Disposables cannot be recharged once the battery is dead, nor can they be refilled once you have smoked all the juice inside. You also can’t change out the flavor of Delta 8 juice it comes with.


Refillable pens allow you to recharge and reuse your pen as much as you like, but they require cleanings in between uses. Plus, the process can get messy if you’re not careful.


Gummies and other Edibles

Edibles can be pre-bought like gummies and chocolates, or they can be made by infusing food and beverages with Delta 8 distillate or isolate. These products take the longest to work, but they last the longest and are taken as food.


Pre-rolls, Blunts, and Cigarettes

Pre-rolled joints, blunts, and cigarettes are essentially the same product, except the flower is wrapped in different materials. Our Delta 8 cigarettes have Delta 8 flower rolled in a plant-based paper that burns smoother, while joints usually have flower wrapped in thin paper made of either hemp or rice paper.


Blunts also typically have a sturdy filter at the end that you smoke from that helps keep the product stable and protects your fingers from being burned. Blunts are made from a tobacco leaf that burns longer and adds a buzz to the Delta 8 experience.



Delta 8 wax is a potent form of Delta 8 that can be smoked. Wax is made from Delta 8 concentrate and is mixed with carrier substances that give it a varying consistency. Wax that breaks apart into crumbles is appropriately called crumble, while shatter is broken apart into pieces like glass.



Distillate is an oil form of Delta 8 used to make various other products like edibles, vape juice, and flower. It is Delta 8 mixed with a carrier oil like hemp oil.



What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid extracted from the hemp plant that is grown naturally and in high numbers. All CBD products must contain no more than 0.3% THC under the Controlled Substances Act to classify them as hemp products. Anything above that percentage (like a marijuana plant) is classified as a cannabis product and is strictly regulated and considered federally illegal.


Unlike marijuana, CBD is not an intoxicating substance because it contains so little THC that it is unlikely to cause adverse effects. It is mostly consumed for its health benefits, ranging from whole-body wellness to therapeutic symptom treatment.


What Are the Benefits & Effects of CBD?

Most people are well-tolerant to CBD and take it regularly for different reasons. It can be taken to manage symptoms of minor issues you may be experiencing.


Some of the benefits of CBD include:

  • Less nervousness and stress
  • Better mood and memory
  • Easing discomfort and swelling
  • Improved digestion and immune responses
  • Less nausea and stomach upset
  • Higher quality sleep
  • Overall increase in body functions



delta 8 vape carts stacked



What Type of CBD Products Are There?

Like Delta 8, there are many different kinds of CBD products. CBD products include those that can be ingested, inhaled, or absorbed. They come in the same range of products listed above for Delta 8 but include things like oils, topicals, and concentrates.


Oils are the most versatile of these products because they can be cooked with food, mixed into a drink, taken as-is, absorbed sublingually, and even used as a topical.


Concentrates are unique because they are so potent that you only need a small amount to enjoy their effects. It contains no THC (unlike some other CBD and Delta 8 products) and comes in a white, powdery form you can ingest.



Is Delta 8 CBD?

As you now know, Delta 8 and CBD are two different things. Although both are taken from the same plant, they have different effects on the body and are consumed for different purposes.


What Are the Differences Between Delta 8 and CBD?

CBD is usually taken as a holistic, natural solution to nagging wellness issues, while Delta 8 is enjoyed as a milder alternative to Delta 9 products like marijuana. CBD can benefit both humans and pets for their wellness journeys, but Delta 8 should only be consumed by humans.

Delta 8 is found in smaller concentrations naturally, whereas CBD can be cultivated in high quantities within the hemp plant.



Where Can I Find the Best Delta 8 Products?

Although it may be enticing to go for a good deal, convenience stores and gas stations that offer Delta 8 products are not the best places to look. The best Delta 8 products will come from a trusted brand that sources organic hemp from within the US, just like we do right here at Exhale!



Final Thoughts – Is Delta 8 CBD?

Delta 8 is often confused with cannabis plant products like marijuana or other hemp products like CBD because the three are often compared to one another. However, Delta 8 and CBD are vastly different substances. CBD is a holistic alternative to certain symptoms and is popular among health fanatics for its wellness properties. Delta 8 is explored less medicinally and is often called a milder form of marijuana because of its euphoric effects.

Delta 8 and CBD products are legal substances in the US and contain no more than 0.3% THC, diminishing pressing worries about their intoxicating effects. The big difference between CBD and Delta 8 is the effects they have on the mind and body and the consumer’s reason for taking them. No matter which compounds from cannabis plants you go with, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied!

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