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Is Delta-9 Legal in Florida?

Found yourself with gummies in hand, asking, “Is Delta 9 legal in Florida?” Delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol, known as delta 9 THC, is the main form of Delta THC. It is common in both marijuana and hemp. Although more abundant in marijuana, its legality in Florida hinges on the 2018 Farm Bill federal law and the state’s Hemp Bill SB 1020.

According to federal laws, hemp plants and hemp products may contain less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. However, Florida’s Hemp Bill extends this legality to all compounds with the same chemical formula. They must be from industrial hemp. It allows the consumption of products with 0.3% delta 9 THC. High-potency THC extracts remain illegal. But, residents can benefit from mild doses of this famous cannabinoid. Let’s take a look at exactly what you can and can’t do with D9 in the Sunshine State!


Legal Status of Delta-9 THC in Florida

In Florida, the legal status of Delta-9 THC is shaped by state laws. Currently, hemp-derived THC is legalized, provided it contains less than 0.3% THC, although this wasn’t always the case. 

Florida’s cannabis laws have changed a lot. This culminated in the passage of the Hemp Bill SB 1020, also known as the “Florida Medical Marijuana Program,” in 2019. The first attempt to eliminate some cannabinoids from the controlled substance list happened in 2014. That year, over 3.3 million Floridians voted to legalize medical marijuana, but their wants weren’t fully actualized. Later on, in 2016, Amendment 2 further expanded access to cannabis and its derivatives. However, challenges arose with restrictions on smoking marijuana flowers. 

The Florida Department of Health faced criticism and pressure from lawmakers to speed up. However, the ban on smoking marijuana remained. In 2018, the state’s legislature enacted reforms due to pressure from Floridians. The reforms let residents access cannabis and hemp products with up to 0.3% THC. But, strict rules still govern the use of marijuana and high-potency THC extracts. 

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How Much Delta 9 Is Legal in Florida?

Delta-9 THC comes from hemp and cannabis plants. It is legal under the 2018 Farm Bill if the hemp-derived THC has less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. In Florida, it is federally legal for cannabis users registered under the medical marijuana program to buy these products within specific possession limits. At Exhale, we offer top-quality, vegan-friendly Delta-9 THC gummies. They comply with the Farm Bill and are for sale and use in Florida.

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Why Choose Exhalewell for Delta-9

Exhalewell stands out for its premium Delta-9 THC offerings. Explore the wide range of Exhalewell’s Delta-9 THC products. Each provides a potent and fun way to add this cannabinoid to your wellness routine.


  • Delta-9 + CBN Sleep Gummies. Experience the peak of relaxation with Exhalewell’s Delta 9 Gummies. Each gummy contains a blend of hemp-derived Delta 9 THC and CBN Distillate, along with Melatonin. These gummies boast a rich blend of light corn syrup, cane sugar, and natural flavors, ensuring a delightful taste with every bite. With a convenient dosage of one gummy daily or as needed, it’s easy to incorporate these gummies into your wellness routine. Plus, beginners can start with half a gummy for a gentle introduction. 
  • Delta-9 Extra Strength Brick Gummies. Our most potent D9 gummy packs 100mg in every bite. Each delicious cube is supersized to comply with Farm Bill regulations, giving you maximum gummy flavor and power in a single dose! With Exhalewell’s Delta 9 Brick Gummies, experienced THC lovers can enjoy the benefits of Delta-9 THC on the go, with precise dosing and reliable effects. 
  • CBD + Delta 9 Tincture. Discover the many uses of Exhalewell’s Delta 9 Tinctures. They bring fast, long-lasting relief. It is extracted from hemp flowers using advanced supercritical CO2. This pure CBD product affects the body’s endocannabinoid system, or ECS. This complex system plays a vital role in regulating sleep, mood, appetite, and many other essential biological functions. Exhale’s Delta-9 tincture is the top choice for discreetly enjoying the combination of full-spectrum THC and CBD. It’s a versatile option for those seeking the benefits without smoking or vaping. 


Welcome to our FAQ section dedicated to unraveling the legal intricacies surrounding Delta 9 THC in Florida. Here, we address common queries to provide clarity on its status and regulations within the state.

  • Are there any restrictions on the possession and use of Delta-9 THC products in Florida?

  • Delta-9 THC products in Florida are subject to certain limitations. The 2018 Farm Bill and Florida’s Hemp Bill SB 1020 legalize hemp-derived products. They are legal if they have a maximum of 0.3% Delta-9 THC by dry weight. Nevertheless, Delta-9 THC sourced from marijuana is only authorized for medical use. Registered patients in Florida’s medical marijuana program may buy and have these products. They must follow the state’s possession limits. Adherence to these regulations is critical to ensuring legal ownership and usage of Delta-9 THC products in Florida.
  • Are there any pending legislative changes that could affect the legality of Delta-9 THC in Florida?

  • Pending legislative changes in Florida could have an impact on the legality of Delta-9 THC. Senate Bill 1698 tries to cap the THC in hemp extracts. It also aims to control how to package edible hemp. The bill focuses on delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol and other cannabinoids. It proposes a ban on items with more than 0.3% delta-9 THC and restrictions on other cannabinoids. Proponents raise health and safety concerns. Opponents say it will harm businesses and limit consumer access.
  • What are the laws regarding the medical use of Delta-9 THC in Florida?

  • Florida’s laws regarding the medical use of Delta-9 THC are outlined in the state’s medical marijuana program. The law lets qualified doctors issue certifications for the medical use of marijuana. They can issue them to people with debilitating medical conditions.
  • However, there are certain restrictions on the use of Delta-9 THC. Patients can’t smoke or burn marijuana flowers, the most common way to consume them. But, they can vape dry herb if they choose.
  • Can I purchase Delta-9 THC products from dispensaries in Florida?

  • Yes, you can buy Delta-9 THC products from licensed dispensaries in Florida. You must have a valid medical marijuana card and a physician’s certification. For added convenience and accessibility, many cannabis users can purchase Delta-9 THC products from Exhale. We offer nationwide delivery of high-quality, third-party, lab-tested THC products. It’s a safe and reliable option for getting your desired cannabis.



In conclusion, Delta-9 THC’s legality in Florida is influenced by federal and state laws. The 2018 Farm Bill and Florida’s Hemp Bill SB 1020 are key factors. Hemp-derived Delta-9 THC products with less than 0.3% THC are legal federally. But, the Sunshine State only allows marijuana-derived Delta-9 THC for medicine.

Florida’s medical marijuana program lets registered patients access these products. But, they must follow possession limits and get doctor certifications. However, pending legislative changes, such as Senate Bill 1698, may impact the legal landscape surrounding Delta-9 THC in Florida. Potential regulations may change. But, consumers can still buy Delta-9 THC products from licensed dispensaries. Or they can use the nationwide delivery service offered by Exhale! Stay informed to navigate the evolving legalities and enjoy the benefits of Delta-9 THC responsibly and legally in Florida.

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