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Does THCP Get You High? How Strong Is It?

As the most potent psychoactive cannabinoid around, THCP is known for delivering a range of blissful effects. But what exactly is THCP, and how does it work? Does THCP get you high? Join us as we answer these questions and explain exactly why THCP is becoming such a popular choice for THC lovers!

THCP, or tetrahydrocannabiphorol, is the most potent natural form of THC found in cannabis plants, including some legal hemp plants. While Delta 9 THC is the most abundant cannabinoid in marijuana plants, THCP is far more rare in nature. With a unique molecular structure and a long alkyl side chain of seven carbon atoms, THCP appears to deliver even more potent effects than Delta 9 THC, which has a pentyl chain of five carbon atoms. An early study by Italian researchers shows that THCP may be over thirty times stronger than D9! This comes from its ability to better bind to endocannabinoid receptors in the brain. The ECS, or endocannabinoid system, regulates several crucial biological functions. These include mood, sleep cycle, appetite, and many more.

But precisely how much stronger is THCP than THC? Per research, it is up to thirty-three times as strong! Besides sharing a similar molecular structure, THCP and D9 THC are quite different. From intense relaxation to blissful euphoria to heavy sedation and stress-busting vibes, THCP is gaining popularity in the cannabis community for satisfying those with a higher tolerance. Read on as we review this cannabis extract that engages cannabinoid receptors like none other! The potential therapeutic benefits of THCP could be exactly what you’ve been looking for!


What Does THCP Do?

Tetrahydrocannabiphorol, or THC-P for short, delivers powerfully elevating effects that can put you into a blissful state. To understand how it works in the body to provide elevating and therapeutic benefits, you must consider its molecular structure. THC-P has an alkyl side chain of seven carbon atoms instead of D9 THC’s five. This, per research, makes its natural attraction to feel-good receptors in the ECS much greater! Studies and experts claim it binds to mood-boosting receptors 33 times as strongly as D9 THC. This makes THCP the most potent cannabinoid around and one that can have seriously elevating effects!

Providing what most THC lovers look for, THC-P is a very powerful cannabinoid that can deliver potent and relieving journeys for the most experienced cannabis veterans. Here are some of the results you may have from THCP:

  • Enhanced mood.
  • Improved appetite.
  • Intoxicating effects.
  • Blissed-out sensations.
  • Psychedelic thoughts.
  • Raised sense of well-being.
  • Deeper rest and sleep cycles.
  • Chilled, stress-free vibes.

THCP lets the true potential of the cannabis plant shine with a range of potential therapeutic benefits we can all appreciate! We at Exhale invite you to browse our THCP edibles for deep rest and relief!

What is THCP?

THCP is a mighty cannabinoid and can deliver psychoactive effects. It is the most potent cannabinoid found to date as its unique molecular structure gives it a higher affinity to CB1 and CB2 receptors than other cannabinoids. This newly discovered cannabinoid occurs in hemp plants and binds to receptors in the ECS. It is a strong analog of THC, the cannabinoid known for its psychotropic effects, but with its stronger bonding to CB1 receptors, it is thought to be thirty-three times as strong. Dose responsibly!

How Strong is THCP?

THC P effects are as strong as they come! It can have psychoactive effects that last for hours, as THCP binds to cannabinoid receptors more strongly than other forms of THC. Cannabis researchers found THCP in 2019, and its apparent potency took the cannabis and scientific community by storm! THCP stands out for its ability to deliver powerful, satisfying results, even for seasoned THC consumers. But what makes THCP strong? And how is THCP able to magnify the potency of THC so impressively?

THC-P is the strongest natural cannabinoid we’ve found so far! Compared to regular THC, it has a longer alkyl side chain made of seven carbon atoms, while THC has a pentyl chain made of five. Given THCP’s chemical structure, it can better bind to receptors that impact rest, mood, and sense of well-being. While more research unfolds, early studies say THCP is the strongest of all hemp-derived cannabinoids!


Is THC-P Synthetic?

No, THCP is a natural cannabinoid that is only present in very low concentrations in certain marijuana strains and cannabis plants. As a natural part of the cannabis plant’s chemical composition, THCP does not fall under the category of synthetic cannabinoids like THC-O, for example.

In some cases, manufacturers can chemically manipulate more abundant cannabinoids, like CBD, to create larger quantities of THCP. As a more novel cannabinoid in the cannabis industry, we have much to learn about THC-P’s effects and full potential.

THCP Legalization in the United States?

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, THCP is legal at the federal level and can be enjoyed in most states. This legislation made hemp-derived cannabinoids with under 0.3% THC by dry weight legal at the federal level. However, each state reserves the power to restrict or ban access to it if it wishes! Below, we cover states where THCP is legal, but first, let us review what makes THCP legal.

As shared above, the 2018 Farm Bill gave THCP legal status, making all hemp-derived cannabinoids federally legal to buy and sell. Per this law, hemp-derived products with under 0.3% THC by weight may be lawfully sold. And THC-p edibles and gummies sold here at Exhale are lab-tested and fully compliant with this legislation. This means you can legally use THC P gummies in nearly all states!

THCP can be legally and lawfully enjoyed in all states other than IowaUtahIdahoAlaskaArizonaVermontMontanaNew YorkArkansasVirginiaColoradoDelawareMississippi, and Rhode Island. Living in one of these states means you can only legally use THCP products once your state laws change.

Why Choose Exhale Wellness for THCP Products

Exhale always makes it a great day to be a relief and wellness enthusiast! Our THC-P products pack a mighty formula of natural ingredients and pure THC-P from premium, USA-cultivated hemp plants!

Furthermore, our THCP products undergo rigorous testing from an independent third-party lab to verify purity and potency! For full transparency, these lab results are available to view on our website in the form of a Certificate of Analysis. Rest, relieve, and elevate with peace of mind with our safe and potent THC-P edibles!


THCP Edibles

THCP edibles pave the way to deep relaxation! Discreet and easy to consume, THCP-infused edibles are a simple and tasty way to enjoy this potent cannabinoid. For most people, they make it easier to relax and unwind after a long day! Even low doses can result in elevated sensations and psychoactive effects. Enjoy mind-to-body bliss and give Exhale THCP edibles a try to relax and relieve like never before. With 15mg of Delta-9 THC and 1mg of THC P, these pack a punch for even experienced consumers! Be mindful of their strength, and start with low doses, as they may take you soaring to new heights!

THCP Flower

THCP flower is a favorite among those who want a classic cannabis experience! From uplifting your senses to delivering intense relaxation, THCP flower can provide levels of feel-good euphoria that other cannabinoids cannot come close to! This is similar to traditional hemp flower, except it is coated in THC P extract. If you enjoy smoking and want higher-potency experiences, THCP flower is for you! It is also federally legal and available to buy in nearly all states!

Is THC-P Stronger Than THC?

Indeed it is! Once under the microscope, scientists learned it has a longer alkyl side chain than Delta-9 THC! A longer alkyl side chain means THC P interacts with cannabinoid receptors more than other forms of THC. Essentially, the longer the chain, the greater its affinity for cannabinoid receptors! It is no surprise that THCP is more potent than THC, as it has two additional carbon atoms. This lets it bind 33 times more strongly to ECS receptors than traditional THC! It may be potent for even seasoned people, so please remember to consume responsibly!

Will THCP Cause Me To Fail A Drug Test?

Yes, consuming this rare, organic cannabinoid can definitely result in a failed drug test. Just like all other THC analogs, we don’t recommend indulging in any THC P products if you expect to undergo drug testing soon. Once again, you are likely to test positive for THC metabolites on most standard drug tests if you consume any form of THC.

Final Thoughts – Does THCP Get You High?

In summary, THCP offers a potent and unique experience for those exploring the world of cannabinoids. THCP is a naturally occurring cannabinoid that can deliver powerfully elevating cerebral effects. It engages with the body’s endocannabinoid system to provide a range of effects that can elevate the mind while relieving the body of tension or discomfort. As the most potent natural cannabinoid ever discovered, THC-P is over thirty times as strong as traditional THC. Along with its status as a legal cannabis product, THCP is becoming a daily and nightly favorite for many people! Whereas Delta-8 THC may be an ideal choice for those seeking milder psychoactive effects, THC-P could be a suitable option for those wanting seriously potent cerebral effects.

THCP interacts with endocannabinoid receptors more strongly than other cannabinoids. Its chemical structure lets it seamlessly bind to cannabinoid receptors in the brain. While research is still evolving, anecdotal evidence suggests that THC-P may provide intense euphoria and relaxation, making it an intriguing option for seasoned cannabis enthusiasts. As always, it’s crucial to start low and go slow when experimenting with cannabinoids and to consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns or questions. If you’re curious to experience the potential effects of THCP for yourself, embrace the future of cannabinoids with Exhale Wellness—try our THCP Gummies today!

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