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is delta 9 legal in alabama

Is Delta 9 Legal in Alabama? [Limitations on Legality Revealed]

When it comes to popularity, Delta 9 (Delta 9 THC, D9 THC, D9, or THC) is number one. Americans have grown to love this iconic cannabinoid in all forms. From Delta 9 Gummies to Delta 9 Hemp Seed Oil, there’s a THC product for just about everyone. Unfortunately, some Americans may find it hard to obtain Delta 9 products. Those living in “The Heart of Dixie” might wonder, “Is Delta 9 legal in Alabama?


The Farm Bill of 2018 legalized the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa) and hemp-derived products that originate from industrial hemp varieties. When it comes to Delta 9 hemp products, they must contain a THC content of 0.3% or less to be federally legal. However, state laws can vary. This leads to complexities with the law. Determining the legality of Delta 9 isn’t as simple as it’s made out to be, but this article will get you headed in the right direction. We will answer the question is Delta 9 legal in Alabama and address other legal issues regarding sale and consumption of D9 in the Yellowhammer State.



What is Delta 9 THC?

Delta 9 THC is a naturally occurring, euphoric cannabinoid in the cannabis plants. It’s the main cannabinoid in marijuana and is present in small amounts in hemp (0.3% less), an agricultural crop with high amounts of CBD (Cannabidiol). Known to the world as THC, Delta 9 is the most popular cannabinoid for consumption. Its iconic euphoria and cerebral effects have made it an icon of cannabis culture and a favorite among enthusiasts.


The cannabis product has various therapeutic and wellness effects. As a result, many states have several medical marijuana programs. Some people use it as medical cannabis for its ability to calm anxiousness and relieve discomfort. When taken recreationally, Delta 9 may promote creativity and euphoria.



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Delta 9 THC belongs to a family of THC cannabinoids known collectively as THC analogs. These cannabis compounds share very similar yet slightly different chemical structures. Most notable are Delta 8 THC and Delta 10 THC.


Delta 9 gets its name from the carbon double bond on the ninth carbon of its carbon chain. Hemp-derived Delta 8 has a double bond on the eighth carbon, and Delta 10 has a double bond on the tenth carbon. The positioning of the double bond also affects the potency of the cannabinoid. As a result, Delta 9 THC produces more potent euphoria than Delta 8 THC or Delta 10 THC.


Moderation is key to a safe and enjoyable Delta 9 THC experience. If you take more than you can handle, it may cause extreme euphoria, couchlock, excessive thirst, dry mouth, and drowsiness.



Is Delta 9 Legal in Alabama?

Yes, Delta 9 is legal in Alabama as long as it is hemp-derived and products containing it do not exceed 0.3% THC. However, the answer to the question, “Is Delta 9 legal in Alabama?” is complex and requires more nuance. Alabamians need to consider the following points.


Federal Law and the 2018 Farm Bill

Federal law regarding Delta 9 THC changed in 2018 when the Farm Bill went into effect. It removed hemp and hemp-derived products from Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act and made hemp into an agricultural commodity. According to the federal government, hemp is defined as any extracts, cannabinoids, isomers, acids, and salts with a THC concentration of 0.3% or less.


However, state law can vary. Some states align with the Farm Bill, others are okay with higher THC concentrations, and others don’t allow Delta 9 of any kind. Fortunately, Alabama is a state that allows Delta 9 THC hemp products that do not exceed 0.3% THC.


Alabama State Law

In 2019, the Alabama Senate Judiciary Committee revised the Code of Alabama 1975 to align with the Farm Bill. The state legalized industrial hemp with THC levels of 0.3% and below.


Section 2-8-381 states that edibles containing hemp-derived cannabinoids, isomers, acids, and salts are legal if they contain .03% of Delta 9 THC or less. However, it does not mention non-edible Delta 9 THC. This leaves the law in a gray area.


Hemp, Marijuana, and Delta 9 THC Dilemma in Alabama

Delta 9 THC is one of the most plentiful cannabis plant cannabinoids. According to Alabama state laws governing hemp-derived products, hemp is legal. But is weed legal in Alabama? No, it isn’t. Marijuana remains illegal. However, Alabama does have a medical cannabis program, which passed in 2021. This medical cannabis program sanctions the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. However, legal hurdles have kept it from being fully functional and available to the masses.


Alabama law defines marijuana as all marijuana derivatives, mixtures, or preparations. This would include marijuana-derived Delta 9 THC and related cannabis plant products.


However, Delta 9 THC is legal in Alabama if the THC concentration is at or below 0.3%. The key difference would be whether or not the material was hemp-derived Delta 9 THC or marijuana-derived Delta 9 THC. Hemp-derived products that meet this definition are legal. So, if you’re a fan of gummies, you might be wondering, are edibles legal in Alabama? Yes, they are, as long as they meet the legal definition.


In short, if you live in the state of Alabama, always stick with Farm Bill-compliant, hemp-derived Delta 9 THC products with 0.3% THC, and you’ll be fine.



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Is Delta 9 Legal to Buy and Ship?

Farm Bill-compliant, hemp-derived Delta 9 products are legal to buy and ship in the state of Alabama. Many online retailers ship to Alabama addresses because these products fall within the 0.3% THC limit by dry weight.



Can You Buy Delta 9 THC in Alabama?

Yes, you can buy Delta 9 THC in Alabama. As previously mentioned, they can only be hemp products that do not exceed 0.3% THC. You may find it hard to find Alabama retailers that sell Delta 9 THC. However, residents can access it by purchasing it online.


Exhale Wellness is a trusted provider of Delta 9 THC and other hemp derivatives. Our selection includes the following federally legal, hemp-derived Delta 9 THC products, ready to ship for your pleasure!


Delta 9 Gummies

Our Delta 9 Gummies are ideal for various wellness issues. We have our original Delta 9 Gummies, which only contain Delta 9 THC, delivering pure and true THC bliss. Our CBD + THC Gummies will take the edge off and provide the perfect mix of relaxation and euphoria.


Our Dream Gummies will lull you into a deep sleep. Try our D9 + Amanita gummy blends for potent, elevating effects and calming sedation that brings about ethereal, vivid dreams.


All Exhale Wellness Delta 9 Gummies are made with natural ingredients, do not include artificial colors or flavors, and are 100% Farm Bill-compliant.



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Delta 9 THC Live Resin

Live resin is a pure, potent form of cannabis concentrate. It is derived from freshly harvested cannabis plants flash-frozen to preserve peak levels of terpenes and cannabinoids. Terpenes give Live Resin a rich aroma and flavor profile and provide a full-spectrum effect.


Our Live Resin Gummies are made with all-natural materials. They have potent effects that will come on slowly and last for hours.


Exhale Wellness Live Resin Diamonds are a potent THC product. You’ll enjoy pure, concentrated THC bliss with every dab of this concentrated gem. Go slow to ensure you don’t overdo it.



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Delta 9 THC Oil

Our Delta 9 THC Oil features a CBD/THC blend that ensures the perfect balance. The CBD counters the THC’s psychoactive effects, providing optimal wellness benefits and elevating your mood.


The glass dropper bottle provides exact dosing. The CO2 extraction and all-natural ingredients ensure optimal purity. It’s available in 600mg and 1200mg potencies.



Potential Benefits of Delta 9 THC

Delta 9 THC produces more than just elevating euphoria. The cannabinoid is a favorite among enthusiasts for several benefits, both mental and physical.


Some of the many benefits Delta 9 THC may provide include the following:


  • Stimulating euphoria
  • Increased focus
  • Elevated mood
  • Discomfort relief
  • Reduced anxiousness
  • Enhanced sleep
  • Easing digestive issues


Note: Delta 9 THC will affect different people in different ways. Results will vary based on biological factors and other factors unique to you. These include metabolism, body chemistry, and tolerance. Go slowly to determine how this and other hemp products will affect you.



FAQs About Delta 9 THC Legal in Alabama


Is Delta 11 Legal in Alabama?

Yes, hemp-derived Delta 11 is legal in Alabama. The same Alabama state laws apply to Delta 11 and Delta 9 THC. Delta 11 is not classified with other controlled substances if it is a hemp-derived product with a THC content of 0.3% or less. However, it is illegal in Alabama if it is from a recreational marijuana product.


Can You Fail a Drug Test Using Delta 9 THC?

Yes, you can fail a drug test using Delta 9 THC. Depending on how often you use the product, it can stay in your system for anywhere from a few days to a month. This is true whether you use hemp-derived Delta 9 THC or marijuana-derived Delta 9 THC. However, higher concentrations may stay in your system longer.


Can You Get Arrested for Possession of Delta 9 THC?

Yes, you can get arrested for possession of Delta 9 THC if it is illegal in your state. Additionally, legal states have laws that regulate how much THC you can possess. If the amount of Delta 9 THC in your possession is over the legal limit, you may get in trouble with the law. If your THC products are hemp-derived and contain less than 0.3% THC, then you’ll be fine according to Alabama state law.



Final Thoughts – Is Delta 9 Legal in Alabama? [Limitations on Legality Revealed]

Is Delta 9 Legal in Alabama? Yes, as long as products containing it are hemp-derived and THC levels do not surpass 0.3%. Delta 9 Alabama laws depend on whether it is hemp-derived Delta 9 or marijuana-derived Delta 9 THC and the amount of THC it contains.


Are you looking for products with Delta 9 THC, Alabama residents? Look no further than Exhale Wellness! We have the best THC products online! Hemp-derived and Farm Bill-compliant, our extensive collection is ready for your enjoyment.

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