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CBD Live Resin Cartridges


CBD Live Resin Cartridges

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  • Full Spectrum Live Resin Hemp Extract + CBD
  • Flavored With All-natural Terpenes
  • No MCT, PG, VG, or PEG Oil
  • No Additives or Preservatives
  • Third-party Lab-tested for Quality
  • Farm Bill Compliant (0.3% THC or Less)

California Consumers Prop-65

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Savor the flavor with our potent CBD Live Resin Carts! Live resin delivers if you’re looking for a CBD vape cart that ramps up flavor and potency. Cannabidiol (CBD) and live resin perfectly complement and enhance each other, which is why many people love these revolutionary carts.     Everyone has different reasons for including CBD and live resin in their lives. After all, everyone deserves a mental and physical break every once in a while. With natural, powerful wellness in every flavorful draw, CBD Live Resin Vape Carts will be there for you whenever you need them the most. Let’s examine why CBD Live Resin Carts deliver on their promise of providing the most potent CBD vaping experience imaginable!  

What Are Premium CBD Live Resin Carts?

Made specifically for vaping, these Carts are small glass cartridges containing hemp-derived CBD and luscious, full-spectrum live resin. These carts have a mouthpiece and a high-quality glass chamber (the tank) pre-filled with premium CBD live resin and flavorful plant-based terpenes.    To keep things simple, reputable companies like Exhale Wellness use an industry-standard, 510-threaded connector that attaches to almost every vape battery on the planet. The battery supplies the juice needed to fire up the cart’s heating element, called an atomizer. When you activate your battery, the atomizer in the cart heats the golden-colored goodness in the cart, turning it into vapor within a few seconds.    CBD Live Resin 510 Cartridges come in a variety of succulent flavors. The ease of use allows you to swap out carts when you want to experience a little variety in your vaping routine. And because vapes are portable, you can enjoy your favorite CBD with the touch of live resin whenever and wherever you want!  

How To Use a Live Resin CBD Vape Cartridge

Vaping fans love carts because they’re portable and easy to use. Batteries are generally sold separately from the cart, so before you get started, ensure you have one, and it’s charged.    If you’re good to go, here’s how to vape:  
  1. Connect the Battery: Twist the cart clockwise on the battery. To ensure a tight connection, gently twist the cart until you can’t turn it any further without overtightening. 
  2. Fire It Up: Press the fire button on the battery, and keep in mind that, depending on the maker, you may need to push it several times to turn it on.
  3. Hang On: It takes a bit for the atomizer to heat up and vaporize the vape juice. Look for a blinking indicator light on the battery showing that it’s preheating.
  4. Breathe In: Put your lips on the mouthpiece, press and hold the button on the battery again, and inhale the succulent CBD live resin vapor for a few seconds.
  5. Savor, Then Exhale: After holding your breath for a moment or two, breathe out the flavorful, velvety cloud of wholesomeness. Repeat as needed, but don’t overconsume. If you don’t exhale any vapor, it’s possible that the battery didn’t heat the resin. Check your battery to determine if it’s charged. 
  6. Power Down: Some batteries have an auto shutoff feature; if not, press the button the appropriate number of times to turn the battery off when you’re done with your session.

Benefits of CBD Live Resin Vape Cartridges

Including CBD live resin in your daily life can be more beneficial than you know! No matter where you live or what keeps you busy throughout the day, CBD Live Resin Vape Carts might be the key to unwinding and dealing with life’s uncertainties.  CBD Live Resin Carts offer several advantages that are inherent to the carts themselves. Some of these may include the ability to:
  • Receive fast-acting benefits immediately to within seconds upon inhalation.
  • Swap out strains for variety in your vaping experience.
  • Take your vape with you anywhere for on-the-go enjoyment. 
  • Provide a smoke-free experience.

CBD Live Resin Carts Help You Live Life in Balance

The full spectrum benefits of live resin may support our minds and bodies by amplifying the benefits of CBD, which interacts with our endocannabinoid system (ECS) to help us live better lives. The ECS is an internal network of cell-signaling receptors that optimizes several vital biological functions essential in our everyday homeostases, such as mood, appetite, mobility, and rest.    Some of the benefits of CBD Live Resin Vape Carts may include the following:
  • Soothing muscle tension and discomfort.
  • Keeping us moving by easing swelling or tenderness.
  • Calming anxious or negative thoughts.
  • Helping you recharge and reset.
  • Getting better and deeper sleep.
..And much more!   CBD live resin may help us balance things better. That’s why relying on high-quality companies like Exhale Wellness that deliver premium products like CBD Live Resin Vape Carts is crucial. And it all starts with what goes into them.   

Ingredients of Live Resin CBD Vape Cartridges

When looking for top-shelf, superior CBD + live resin vape carts, it’s essential to know what ingredients they contain. After all, the ingredients determine how well they taste and how they help your wellness needs. On the other hand, it’s also good to know what’s not in them. At Exhale Wellness, we would never consider using artificial additives like Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), or Polyethylene Glycol (PEG). Even MCT oil doesn’t make the cut, as it’s not good to inhale when heated.    When it comes to our CBD Live Resin Vape Cartridges, you’ll only find three natural ingredients:   
  • Broad Spectrum CBD: We cleanly and safely extract our CBD distillate from premium, USA-grown hemp.
  • Hemp-Derived Live Resin: Connoisseurs and newcomers embrace live resin’s potent, full-spectrum profile that’s bursting with flavor. The secret to live resin lies in how it’s made. We harvest hemp flowers at the pinnacle of freshness, then flash-freeze the buds to preserve the pristine cannabinoids and terpenes for optimum flavor and benefits. 
  • Natural Terpenes: Many companies use artificial terpenes to flavor their vape carts, which won’t fly with us. We only use natural, robust terpenes that captivate your tastebuds. Trust us; you’ll notice the difference.

Dosage Recommendations for CBD Live Resin Vape Carts

If you’re new to vaping CBD or live resin, we recommend taking things slowly at first. Inhale for a few seconds, hold it in for a moment or two, then exhale the deep, satisfying vapor of healthy goodness. Wait ten minutes or so to see how you feel before consuming more.  

Storage Guidelines For CBD Live Resin Vape Carts

Most pre-filled CBD Live Resin Vape Carts include enough extract to last for many sessions. To keep it fresh over time, we recommend storing the cart:   
  • Vertically (upright) on the connector 
  • In a cool, dry place
  • At room temperature
  • Out of direct sunlight
  • In a place where children and pets can’t easily access
  Following these simple suggestions will extend your vape cart’s potency, freshness, and flavor. After all, that’s why you bought a CBD Live Resin Cart in the first place — so keep it going until the tank runs dry and keep that battery charged!   

FAQs For CBD + Live Resin Carts 

There’s no doubt that CBD Live Resin Carts open up a new, plant-based world of wellness to explore. There’s much to learn, and here are a few quick facts about the golden nectar illuminating our translucent vape carts.   

How is Broad-Spectrum CBD Live Resin Made?

We extract our broad-spectrum CBD using clean, supercritical CO2 that preserves the high-quality cannabinoids and terpenes within the natural flower. The result is the golden or amber-colored distillate overflowing with all the benefits of CBD.    When extracting live resin from hemp, it’s crucial to capture and preserve the cannabinoids and terpenes at peak freshness. We harvest the hemp flower at the perfect time, then immediately freeze it, locking in the fresh terpenes, cannabinoids, and other hemp plant compounds. Using a safe, clean, proven method, we create the clean, crystallized, and honey-like live resin. When you include CBD with live resin extract, you create the ultimate concoction of potent, vibrant flavors and uplifting wellness benefits.   

Are Exhale Wellness Premium CBD Live Resin Carts Good Quality?   

The quality of our CBD Live Resin Vape Carts is nothing short of astounding. Our carts are second to none, starting from the ground up with the best hemp plants, extraction methods, and a strong commitment to top-shelf quality. Moreover, you can judge for yourself because we provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA) for every batch.    

Are CBD Live Resin Carts Strong?

Great quality CBD Live Resin Carts should blow your mind with their power and flavor. If they don’t, you may have wasted your hard-earned money. CBD Live Resin Vape Carts are generally far more potent than your typical live resin vape carts   Keep in mind that CBD Live Resin Vape Carts are extremely concentrated, meaning they pack a powerful punch to the senses. In the end, strong, aromatic flavors and results are why many people prefer CBD Live Resin Vape Carts.   

What Are the Side Effects of CBD Live Resin?

As we mentioned earlier, it’s best to take it easy when vaping CBD Live Resin Carts. We also recommend following the product’s dosing guidelines.    But, if you go overboard and consume too much, you may feel mild, temporary effects like:  
  • Dry eyes
  • Dry mouth
  • An upset stomach, nausea, or diarrhea
  • Drowsiness or lethargy
  There’s no need to worry; the side effects won’t last long. Relax, drink some water, and you’ll feel better within a few hours.   

Are CBD Live Resin Vape Cartridges Legal?

CBD Live Resin Vape Carts are legal under federal law as long they follow the requirements of the 2018 Farm Bill and contain 0.3% or less THC. Our vape carts fully comply with the Farm Bill and are legal at the federal level.   

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