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HHC Disposable Vape - Maui Wowie

HHC Disposable Vape - Maui Wowie

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  • Maui Wowie Strain 
  • All-in-one device
  • Draw-activated, rechargeable, and disposable
  • No MCT, PG, VG, or PEG oil
  • Pure HHC oil
  • Flavored with natural terpenes

California Consumers Prop-65

Prop-65 Warning

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The strength and sweet flavors of this traditional sativa strain have made it a favorite of hemp aficionados throughout the ages. The original Maui Wowie plants, renowned for their exotic aromas and calming effects, originated in Hawaii on volcanic soil. Maui Wowie is ideal for beach activities, thanks to its energizing effect and delicious pineapple mango flavor. Many people also find this strain helps to spark their creativity and imagination. Each time you inhale the sweet, tangy flavor of our HHC Maui Wowie Disposables, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how long the taste lingers after you exhale. HHC is a more laid-back sibling to THC, so these vapes are perfect for elevating your mood while helping you feel calm and in control! Get your own today and enjoy mouthwatering tropical flavors coupled with a delightfully breezy island vibe!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Bryan Bowen
Maui Wowie

Yes! Great blend!

Chuck Murray
It's the kind!

Definitely, more civilized than cleaning, rolling and burning. No fuss ! No muss!

charles miller
bogus coupons

You continue to send me coupons that do not work.Fix your website.

Sergii Tsyganov
amazing smoke

amazing better then actual thc

Oscar Alvarado

They're good very good...bring them back again...

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