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Best Delta 9 Gummies for Sleep in 2024 By Exhale

The world of cannabis is quickly evolving! And there are now more ways than ever for cannabis and wellness enthusiasts to achieve relief. This is thanks to the discovery of cannabinoids like D9 THC! A potent extract from the hemp plant that helps to support deep rest, inner peace, and overall wellness! If nightly relief is your goal, stick around, as Delta-9 THC sleep gummies are what you are looking for!

Fans of Delta 9 already know it delivers hours of carefree and chill vibes. Read as we show why more people rely on Delta 9 for sleep and relaxation! And to see why most of them named ours the best Delta 9 gummies for sleep they have ever had! Your sleep and sanity are in for a worthy treat with our D9 + CBN Sleep Gummies!

Best Delta 9 Gummies For Sleep In 2024

Get a better night’s rest and put the best Delta 9 Gummies for sleep on your nightstand! Our gummies for sleep contain premium D9 THC from quality cannabis plants grown in Colorado! And we extract Delta 9 THC in a way that preserves all the traits cannabis is loved for! Fall asleep faster and enhance sleep quality with ease! These D9 gummies could be the natural sleep aid you are searching for.

Exhale sleep gummies, given the CBN and Delta 9 THC infused in them! CBN may relax the mind and ease the tension or discomfort that keeps you awake. So pop a gummy, and you can swiftly drift to dreamland! Our sleep gummies take it up a notch, though, by infusing D9 THC from quality, all-natural hemp plants!

Delta 9 binds to CB1 receptors in the endocannabinoid system. This can lead to faster times falling asleep while the melatonin helps you sleep longer. Making it easy to feel refreshed in the mornings!d9-cbn-gummies-button

Best Delta 9 Gummies for Sleep

As the Crème de la crème of sleep gummies, your rest and relief are in good hands at Exhale Wellness! Thanks to their carefully chosen ingredients, thousands of satisfied customers choose these as the best Delta 9 THC gummies for sleep.

With thirty doses and gummies per bottle, you will enjoy weeks of rest and quality sleep as each packs 15mg of THC, 10mg of CBN, and 5mg of melatonin! Does a racing mind keep you up at night? Delta 9 THC gummies can help! Does tension or discomfort from physical conditions make you restless? Delta 9 may give relief from each so you can swiftly fall asleep! Or perhaps you simply want to relax with a delicious treat? You guessed it, D9 can get the job done!

If the best d9 sleep gummies are what you seek, search no further, as Exhale gummies highly impress the mind, body, and senses! It can make going to sleep a breeze, even if tension and racing thoughts try to compromise your night of good rest!

The effects of these Delta-9 gummies for sleep may last eight or more hours and will help you get the sleep you need to feel refreshed in the morning. Most people experience positive results by taking their dose thirty to sixty minutes before bedtime. As that is about how long they take to kick in, though, for some people, it may take up to two hours for effects to be felt.

Powerful Effects, Proven Formulas

Made from a potent, proven, and powerful formula, these gummies blend cannabinol and D9 THC to bring relief and wellness seekers a rest aid their long days can rely on. And no filler or chemical ingredients were used! Exhale sleep gummies are all-natural, vegan-friendly, and lab-tested and reviewed! Get the sleep you need, night after night, with our CBN + D9 THC gummies that contain full-spectrum hemp extract that preserves traits from the plant we all love and know.

These gummies are discreet, easy to use, and pre-dosed for convenience, and they arrive in an airtight container that is small enough to tote in a backpack or suitcase so that you can stay relieved at home or on the go! Rest like never before, and try our CBN + Delta 9 THC sleep gummies to enjoy deeper levels of rest you may not have enjoyed before!


How Can Delta 9 Gummies + CBN Help Me Sleep?

CBN and Delta 9 bring relaxation and drowsiness as they engage CB1 and CB2 receptors in the ECS. As this occurs, calmness and good-feel vibes sweep the body and make falling asleep a breeze.

CBN + THC edibles are a great way to reach deep levels of rest, as CBN has potent sleep properties. Exhale gummies enhance the effects of CBN by infusing top-shelf, hemp-sourced Delta 9 THC that can bind to ECS receptors. CBN and Delta-9 THC work together to support restful sleep, overall wellness, and mental and physical relaxation. Anecdotal reports also claim that these cannabinoids can create sedating effects, which can help you sleep better.

Benefits And Side Effects of Delta-9 Sleep Gummies

With a special formulation that helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer, Exhale THC gummies put a good night’s sleep within easy reach!

Delta-9 has many potential benefits that range from improved creativity to enhanced relaxation! This is thanks to its strong binding to CB1 and CB2 receptors in the ECS. Of all cannabinoids, it is the most studied and beloved, as millions struggle with restless nights, and great rest is what it brings!


Benefits of Sleep Gummies

The benefits of Delta-9 sleep gummies are plentiful, as this cannabinoid helps activate sleep-promoting regions in the ECS. D9 THC also binds to orexin-secreting neurons, which, according to studies, makes it easier to achieve deeper rest and consistent sleep cycles. Exhale THC sleep gummies make it simple to enjoy restorative sleep, given the quality CBN and Delta-9 THC infused into them. This lets you enjoy:

  • Falling asleep more easily.
  • Longer nights of quality rest.
  • Rest without racing thoughts.
  • Relief from tension/discomfort.
  • Mental and cerebral relaxation.
  • Uplifting yet relaxing sensations.
  • Natural relief from restless nights.

Side Effects of Sleep Gummies

As with most things, Delta-9 sleep gummies should be used in moderation and as advised on their bottle. Side effects of Delta-9 gummies are seldom but often quick to pass by if you do. Most fall asleep fast and wake up energized with no side effects. However, if side effects do occur, you may experience:

  • Nausea.
  • Paranoia.
  • Red eyes.
  • Dry mouth.
  • Memory loss.
  • Faster heart rate.
  • Enhanced appetite.
  • Cognitive distortion.
  • Slowed reaction times.

Sticking to dosage guidelines on the bottle will help you avoid these side effects, which are often mild and short-lived. If you are still determining which dose is best for you, the wellness team here at Exhale Well suggests a half-gummy daily dose. If this gives you the relaxation you need, great! Otherwise, feel free to go to a whole gummy daily to take it up a notch! Just start low and go slow with this psychoactive cannabinoid, as you need to give it time to see how your body reacts to it.


Why choose Exhale Wellness Sleep Gummies?

As the leading cannabis brand, Exhale sleep gummies are made with only quality ingredients! They blend CBN and quality D9 THC to bring dreamy-blissful states that relieve tension and racing thoughts.

As the leading cannabis brand, Exhale sleep gummies use only quality ingredients! And they blend CBN and Delta 9 THC to give blissful states that relieve tension and racing thoughts! You can also rest easy knowing that our THC sleep gummies are legal at the federal level and compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill, meaning they are legal in nearly all states. A third-party lab also tests them to ensure safety and purity!

Customers use our sleep gummies night after night as they make a better night’s rest a breeze to enjoy. Here are six reasons to try our sleep gummies that use hemp-derived cannabinoids to enable great rest!

Quality and Purity

The purity and quality of Exhale Well gummies are unrivaled! Unlike most brands, our THC chews for sleep only use natural flavors and ingredients, and they come infused with pure, clean, and potent D9 THC distillate from Colorado-grown and cultivated hemp plants! Our wellness team takes pride in our creations and has nothing to hide, so all products have a lab report to show what is in them.

Sleep well with no guilt or worry, as chemicals and additives never have a home in our products. And we extract D9 from flash-frozen hemp plants to preserve the flavor profiles that cannabis is loved for!

Dosage and Potency

Each gummy packs 15mg of THC, 10mg of CBN, and 5 mg of melatonin! This potent and natural blend gives the body all it needs to easily drift to sleep! But be mindful, though, and start with a low dose, as too much may elevate you to restful heights not experienced before! As such, take them as advised on the bottle, start with one gummy per day, and then raise the dose as needed. If you are new to CBN/THC/Melatonin, begin with half a gummy daily to see how your body reacts to these compounds.

Flavors and Varieties

Our D9 gummies for sleep time taste as great as they work! They have apple pectin, fruit juice for flavor, and vegetable extracts for color! They also contain full-spectrum THC from quality, flash-frozen hemp plants! This means they preserve all the terpenes and have great flavor profiles cannabis is cherished for, with no added chemicals or fillers! Our Delta 9 sleep gummies let you enjoy the effects and flavors of cannabis the way they were meant to be and in a tasty, discreet, bite-sized fashion!


Unlike most brands, we have nothing to hide and are transparent about what goes into our products! Relieve and elevate with peace of mind as only natural ingredients are added to our THC Sleep Gummies. But do not take our word for it, as ours are vetted by a third-party lab that tests them for purity, safety, and potency! Check our Labs page for reports on each product we sell and see exactly what goes in them.


The results are in and conclusive! Exhale sells the best THC gummies for sleep around, and our stellar reviews reflect this! With a five-star rating from countless relief seekers and cannabis enthusiasts, you can buy assured as our D9 + CBN sleep gummies are natural, lab-tested, and backed by tons of happy customers who now enjoy quality rest, night after night after night! Our D9 + CBN sleep gummies have a five-star rating and have helped many bring rest and tranquility to their daily life!


Are These Delta 9 Gummies Legal in Every State?

Delta-9 gummies are legal as they contain under 0.3% THC by volume. This means they comply with the 2018 Farm Bill and are legal at the federal level. D9 gummies can be enjoyed and purchased in any state with legal medical or recreational cannabis. And our gummies are vetted by a third-party lab that tests them for purity, safety, and potency!

Legally and naturally elevate with our Delta 9 THC gummies for sleep that ship to all states except IowaIdahoUtahArizonaMontanaColoradoDelawareArkansasCalifornia, and Rhode Island.

Is Delta 8 or 9 Better for Sleep?

If you want better rest and sedative effects, D9 is the way to go, as it better binds to CB1 receptors in the endocannabinoid system. When stimulated, these receptors regulate moods and sleep patterns and make it easier to fall and stay asleep.

Delta 8 has uplifting and euphoric traits, but its energizing properties do not make it a good sleep aid for many people. On the other hand, Delta 9 is about twice as potent as Delta 8 and has relaxing and euphoric properties that bring sedative effects.

One thing that separates the two is how they disperse their effects. D8 tends to bring mild relief and feelings to the mind and body, while Delta-9 brings a stronger, cerebral experience.

FAQs – Delta 9 THC Gummies

As you navigate your way to better sleep with THC and CBN, there are a range of questions to ponder. Read for answers to the questions we often receive from those new to Delta 9 sleep gummies.

How Much Delta 9 Should I Take to Sleep?

Each gummy contains fifteen milligrams of Delta-9 THC. As a starting dose, we suggest taking one gummy per day. If this is the first time your body will be introduced to this cannabinoid, take half a gummy daily until you see how it makes you feel, at which point, you can raise the dose as required.

What About CBD Gummies For Sleep?

Also, it is a great choice! Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD gummies can be great options for better sleep. CBD’s potential as a sleep aid comes from its ability to relax both mind and body, setting the right conditions for a restful night’s sleep.

How Long Before Bed Should I Take Delta 9 Gummies?

Most people take Delta 9 thirty to sixty minutes before lying down to sleep, as its effects take about this long to activate. But at times, it may take up to two hours before calmness and drowsiness arrive, and how soon it goes to work has all to do with your dose, metabolism, and frequency of usage.

Are Sativa or Indica Gummies Better for Sleep?

Sativa has creative and energizing properties for most people, so it is often not ideal for nighttime. On the other hand, Indica is known for its sedative, couch-lock effect, which can make it easier to lie down and fall asleep. As such, Indica gummies, such as the strain-specific CBN + D9 ones here at Exhale, are often preferred by those who need a reliable way to fall and stay asleep all night.

Which Delta 9 Is the Strongest?

Our Delta-9 sleep gummies are as strong as they come! They give a potent and relieving experience to those with a high tolerance and those who need serious nightly relief. Sourced from expertly grown hemp plants, Delta 9 THC infused into Exhale gummies is pure and highly refined to meet stringent standards that far exceed the industry norms. If you want the strongest Delta 9 sleep gummiesExhale has you covered!


Cannabinol + Delta-9 THC is a powerful duo that lets our gummies work and relieve as well as they do! From mild psychoactive effects to deep and restorative levels of rest that let you feel energized in the mornings, there are many potential benefits our gummies hold in store for your rest and wellness needs. Delta-9 is the most studied and beloved cannabinoid, working harmoniously with the endocannabinoid system, where it binds with receptors that influence mood and sleep cycles. Our gummies let you enjoy all the benefits of this cannabinoid, as they contain natural ingredients and premium D9 extract from flash-frozen hemp plants! This ensures you get the full range of relief and wellness benefits cannabis is known for!

Put an end to restless nights and wave goodbye to those tired, groggy mornings with Exhale D9 gummies for sleep! If better sleep and carefree vibes are the goal, give them a try, as the only regret you will have will be wishing you tried them sooner! These have made life better for many Exhale customers, and we are confident they can help you, too! A half or full gummy an hour before bedtime, and you will enjoy dreamy states and calming sensations that are the perfect prelude to sleep. Try the benefits of our D9 + CBN Gummies for yourself today!

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