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is delta 8 a synthetic cannabinoid

Is Delta 8 THC Synthetic?

Delta 8 THC (Delta 8 or D8) is a natural cannabinoid that is extremely rare in nature. However, reputable brands like Exhale Wellness have produced significant quantities of this hard-to-find cannabinoid to make several unique products for your enjoyment. You might be wondering, is Delta-8 a synthetic cannabinoid used to create these amazing products? Rest assured, this is not the case!

Some people may have misconceptions about what D8 actually is and falsely group it with other synthetic cannabinoids. This is because of the many production processes that help make large quantities of it. So what makes Delta 8 different from other synthetic cannabinoids?

Let’s find out…

Is Delta-8 A Synthetic Cannabinoid?

No, Delta 8 is not a synthetic cannabinoid! This natural cannabis compound is extremely rare and found in very low concentrations in hemp, a cannabis plant rich in CBD content. To extract Delta 8 from these plants would be highly inefficient and costly since less than 1% of every hemp plant contains Delta 8 THC. However, scientists have devised a way to obtain sufficient amounts of this organic cannabinoid to make a variety of Delta 8 products.

For example, CBD and Delta 8 THC are isomers of each other and share a similar chemical structure. Since hemp has high amounts of CBD, scientists have learned how to use the process of isomerization to convert CBD into abundant amounts of Delta 8 THC.

Isomerization might be the best way to acquire sufficient Delta 8 now, but the future holds a more natural solution. Hemp growers may be able to increase Delta 8 cannabinoids in hemp plants through selective breeding. Selective breeding combines parents with a particular set of desirable characteristics to produce offspring. In this case, growers hope to achieve plants with higher Delta 8 concentrations.

What Are Organic Cannabinoids?

Organic cannabinoids are cannabinoids that naturally occur in cannabis plants. These natural cannabinoids include:

  • Cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Delta 8 THC (D8)
  • Delta 9 THC (D9 or THC)
  • Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC)
  • Cannabigerol (CBG)
  • And many more!

Although making Delta 8 THC requires converting CBD extracted from hemp plants, scientists consider Delta 8 completely natural and organic since it comes from a natural source.


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What Are Synthetic Cannabinoids?

Synthetic cannabinoids are usually artificial, lab-produced cannabinoids, sometimes known as herbal or liquid incense. Federal law considers synthetic cannabinoids as new psychoactive substances (NPS). These unregulated substances produce the same effect as many illicit drugs.

You can consume synthetic cannabinoids in a variety of ways. They can be:

  • Sprayed onto hemp flower and smoked.
  • Mixed into an e-liquid and vaped.
  • Added to food or drink and ingested.

There are five major categories of synthetic cannabinoids:

  1. Classical cannabinoids: THC analogs due to their similar chemical structure.
  2. Non-classical cannabinoids: Created in the 1970s and 1980s as potential palliative remedies. Cycloheyphenols are a type of this synthetic cannabinoid.
  3. Hybrid cannabinoids: Combination of classical and non-classical cannabinoids.
  4. Aminoalkylindoles: Share no structural similarity to THC. Includes benzoylindoles, naphthoylindoles, and phenylacetylindoles.
  5. Eicosanoids: Analogs of endocannabinoids, which are naturally occurring cannabinoids found in the body.

Many synthetic cannabinoids are typically sold without any information about the actual contents of what’s in them. These synthetic compounds are typically sprayed onto plant material or infused into e-liquid to be vaped. Here is a rundown of some of the most popular synthetic cannabinoids.

Synthetic Marijuana

Synthetic marijuana is also known as synthetic THC or “fake weed.” Various dried, shredded leaves of different co are coated with a synthetic cannabinoid and sold in small packets to consumers.


K2, also known as Spice, is a synthetic cannabinoid typically sprayed onto shredded plant material to be smoked. Spice is generally sold as “incense” or “potpourri” with a disclaimer on the packaging warning that it is not meant for human consumption. However, this is all a sham to skirt around laws cracking down on such synthetic compounds.

JWH Molecules

Professor John W. Huffman of Clemson University first developed these synthetic cannabinoids for research purposes in the late 1990s. However, his research was exploited by people looking to mimic the high produced by Delta 9 THC. The resulting JWH molecules, named after Huffman’s initials, became the easiest synthetic cannabinoids to produce and the most popular ones available.

Are There Benefits From Synthetic Cannabinoids?

Since synthetic cannabinoids are manufactured in a laboratory, their risks outweigh any benefits they may have. Synthetic cannabinoids stay in a person’s system for quite some time and can have long-term effects on a person’s body and health. They bind to the cannabinoid receptors just like organic cannabinoids, so users may experience similar effects, but will receive significant damage to their health.

Consumers may experience the following side effects from consuming them:

  • Auditory and visual hallucinations
  • Intoxicating effects
  • Perceptual alterations
  • Confusion
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Increased heart rate
  • Violent higher mood-altering properties
  • Upset stomach
  • Vomiting
  • Catatonia

Is Synthetic Cannabinoid Safe?

Synthetic cannabinoids are NOT safe for human consumption and can be harmful to the human body. These synthetic products are extremely dangerous due to their unknown origins and unregulated production methods and ingredients.

Is Synthetic Cannabinoid Legal?

It’s pretty obvious why synthetic cannabinoids are illegal. They are typically manufactured in unregulated labs with little to no ethical consideration for their impact on human health. Synthetic cannabinoids first appeared in the early 2000s and contained many substances that were not yet regulated or legal.

By 2011, the DEA declared several synthetic cannabinoids and their ingredients illegal. In 2012, President Barack Obama signed the Synthetic Drug Abuse Prevention Act and classified many of these unnatural cannabinoids as Schedule I drugs on the federal level.

Common Synthetic Cannabinoids

Chemists design synthetic cannabinoids all the time. They typically have alphanumeric code names meant to emulate chemical terminology used by many pharmaceutical companies as a means to legitimize themselves.

Here are some of the common categories and names of synthetic cannabinoids:


  • AM-694
  • WIN 48,098


  • CP-47,497
  • CP-55,940


  • JWH-018
  • JWH-073


  • JWH-203
  • JWH-250

Is Delta 8 Safe?

Yes, Delta 8 is 100% safe to consume! The only time it would be unsafe is if you have an allergy to the cannabinoid or any of the ingredients in the products it may contain. D8 is not artificially created in a lab! In order to stay safe and legal, all D8 products must be hemp-derived products.

We recommend that consumers who have not taken Delta 8 before or have limited experience with the cannabinoid start with a small dose and see how they react to it before moving to higher doses.

Where Can I Find Delta 8?

The best place to find D8 products is online because of the variety and availability of Delta 8 products. It can be hard to sift through the numerous brands that offer Delta 8 products. However, we recommend that you purchase Delta 8 THC products from well-reviewed and established brands like Exhale Wellness.


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Why Choose Exhale?

When it comes to a quality selection of D8 products, nothing beats the Delta 8 experts at Exhale Wellness! Not only are we the #1 D8 brand in the world, but we also offer a variety of ways that you can consume them.

Here are some of the different types of Delta 8 products we offer:



Full Spectrum Delta 8 Products

All of our Delta 8 products are full spectrum, which means that you’ll benefit from the entourage effect. This effect occurs when all of the natural compounds present in the hemp plant synergistically work together to produce an effect greater than the individual cannabinoids by themselves. This means that the other cannabinoids, natural terpenes, and flavonoids present in the product will enhance the benefits of Delta 8 THC.

Delta 8 THC Products Made With Your Health and Safety in Mind

Unlike other brands, we use only the safest and cleanest production processes to make our Farm Bill compliant Delta 8 products. To produce enough Delta 8, we first run organic hemp flower through a CO2 extraction process to obtain CBD. This method produces a solventless extract, free from impurities and harmful chemicals. The resulting CBD extract is converted into Delta 8 through isomerization.

The result is the cleanest, purest, and most potent Delta 8 possible. It’s no wonder that we’ve become the number one brand for everyone’s Delta 8 needs. Don’t just take our word for it; see for yourself. In our commitment to consumer transparency, we provide everyone with third-party lab-tested Certificates of Analysis (COA) for all of our D8 products.

Whether you’re buying Delta 8, Delta 9, HHC, or CBD products, all of our products come with the following assurances:

  • 100% All-natural ingredients
  • Made from organic, USA grown hemp
  • 100% federal Farm Bill compliant
  • 100% Cruelty-free
  • Third-party lab-tested for accuracy

Receive Free Fast-Shipping and 25% Off on Every Order!

Get free and fast shipping on all of our products with no minimum purchase required! Take advantage of this and become a member of our free subscription services to make sure you never run out of Delta 8 ever again!

Members save 25% on every order all the time with this service. You can choose to have your Delta 8 products delivered discreetly to your home, either bi-weekly or monthly. In the rare case that you’re not satisfied with our products, we offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee. But we know you’ll be completely happy with your purchase and come back for more.

Is Delta 8 Synthetic, & How Does It Matter?

Reputable CBD brands have devised ways to make Delta 8 without resorting to synthetic means. By converting CBD from hemp plants, enough Delta 8 is generated to make various natural alternatives for human consumption. Although producing Delta 8 requires a multi-step conversion process, it’s not a synthetic cannabinoid because it comes from natural CBD and already exists in nature.

It’s important that you purchase Delta 8 products from reputable companies that ensure product quality and guarantee your safety. One such brand that provides these assurances is Exhale Wellness, the number one selling Delta 8 brand globally! From delta 8 flowers to vapes to edibles, you will find a product that suits your unique needs. So what are you waiting for? Go to our shop at Exhale Wellness and get your hands on our exclusive D8 products before they sell out!

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