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how to fix a burnt vape

How To Fix a Burnt Vape [An Easy 3-Step Guide]

Vaping is one of the most popular ways to enjoy cannabis. But vapes can burn out. This is especially true with frequent consumption. You may experience an acrid taste when you vape your favorite strain, signifying a burnt vape. Many enthusiasts often choose to buy a new vape cartridge or disposable vape, but replacements can get expensive. The best option might be to learn how to fix a burnt vape.


Fixing your burnt vape will allow you to enjoy a better vaping experience and save you money! Read on to learn how to fix a burnt vape so you can vape your favorite Exhale Wellness carts and disposables without the unexpected bitterness and a sharp, acrid flavor.



What Is a Burnt Vape?

A burnt vape is any vaping product that produces an unpleasant burnt taste upon inhalation. This taste usually arises from regular consumption, overconsumption, or misuse. When enthusiasts overwork or improperly maintain their vapes, it can lead to a harsh, burnt taste that detracts from the overall experience. However, understanding the mechanics behind how vapes can get burnt and learning how to prevent it can enhance the quality and enjoyment of your vaping sessions.



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How to Tell if a Vape is Burnt

Do you know how to tell if your disposable vape is burnt? Here are a few clues that may tip you off.


Strange Taste

A burnt taste is one way to tell your cartridge or disposable vape is burnt. Some may describe the taste of the vapor as burnt. Others may say it’s extremely harsh and bitter. Either way, if your vape cart or all-in-one disposable vape tastes burnt and does not taste like it should, you know there’s a problem.


Reduced Vapor Production

Reduced vapor production tells you that your e-liquid (vape juice) is getting low or that your vape is clogged. Both of these issues can produce burnt hits. Check your cartridge to ensure there is enough e-liquid (e.g., terpene blend, vegetable glycerin/vegetable glycerine, etc.) in the vape tank. If your vape is clogged, try pulling it slowly, heating it, or scraping out residue until the burnt taste disappears.


Gurgling Sounds

Gurgling sounds are another sign of burnt disposable vape. They typically occur when the e-liquid gets stuck in the tank’s air path. You can remedy the situation by clearing the vape juice from the tank.


You can also prevent the problem by upgrading your vape tank, using less pressure when you vape, cleaning your vape tank and pods regularly, and using VG (vegetable glycerin) e-liquid instead of PG (propylene glycol) vape juice. PG vape juice is much thinner and more likely to obstruct airways. However, most brands have transitioned away from vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol and now use a strain-specific botanical terpene blend. At Exhale Wellness, our vapes only contain a botanical terpene blend and no VG or PG.



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Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt?

Several reasons can cause a burnt vape. When you taste a burnt flavor, the first step should be determining what is causing it. Here are some of the most common causes.


Overheating Vape Coil

The burnt taste may be due to the coils overheating. The heating coil installed in your vape pen (battery) is one of the most important parts. It is responsible for heating the vape juice in the tank and turning it into rich, velvety vapor. If the vape coil overheats, the device’s cotton wick will burn and produce a harsh flavor.


Low E-Liquid Levels

E-liquid turns to vapor and evaporates as you vape. It eventually gets so low that you may begin vaping the wicking material instead, and your vape will begin tasting like a burnt wick.


High Wattage Settings

There are no right or wrong wattage settings for your vape. You can experiment to find the best setting for your taste. However, higher wattages could overheat the vape coil and produce burnt hits.



How To Fix a Burnt Vape – A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Unburn a Vape

Fixing a burnt vape is pretty simple. Anyone can do it. To prove it, here’s a simple three-step guide on how to fix a burnt vape. Remember to check your device’s manual because these steps might not work for every vape.



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Step 1: Take it Apart

Unscrew the tank from the battery and then take it apart to access the coil. If you need help, follow your device’s manual.


Step 2: Dry Burn the Coil

Press the fire button a few times until the coil glows. This removes any residue. Be careful not to hold the button too long to avoid damaging the coil.


Step 3: Clean the Burnt Coil

After the burnt coil cools down, gently clean it with a soft brush, cloth, or Q-tip. For a deeper clean, soak the burnt coil in warm water or pure ethanol for a few hours. Ensure it’s fully dry before reassembling your vape. If your vape still tastes burnt after cleaning, it might be time to get a new coil. At that point, and depending on your cleaning confidence, the best option might be to ditch the burnt coil and just get a new vape cartridge or disposable vape.



Preventing Burnt Hits

Now that you know how to fix a burnt vape, you might be wondering how you can prevent this situation from happening again. There are several ways to prevent a burnt taste when you use your vape pen. Here are some suggestions.


Vape at a Relaxed Pace

If you vape too quickly, the vapor can burn off before the wick can become saturated. You may also overheat the coils and kill the battery. Take breaks between hits to avoid dry wick and other issues that cause an acrid taste.


Don’t Rely Solely on Puff Counts

Many vape carts and disposable vapes advertise a puff count, which is the number of puffs you can take before the vape runs out. Most people buy vapes with higher puff counts, so they don’t have to continue buying new carts or disposable vapes. However, in most cases, the battery dies before the e-liquid runs out, making your carts and disposable vapes taste burnt. To prevent this issue, find a vape that will run out when the battery dies.


Avoid Overcharging the Battery

If you overcharge your battery, it may pump out too much voltage. It can cause your coils to overheat. Burnt coils will leave your vape device tasting burnt. Keep an eye on how long you’re charging your vape to help prevent burnt coils.


Store Your Vape Properly

Correctly storing your vape will also prevent an unpleasant taste. Store your vape upright to ensure enough e-liquid flows to the coils. Keep your vape tank full to avoid dry wicks and burnt hits. Refill your tank regularly to prevent dry wicking material and to ensure a pleasant smoking experience.


Choose High-Quality E-liquids

High-quality, premium e-liquids are less likely to clog your system. They will also taste better and last longer, so you won’t risk burning your vape coils or drying out the wick inside.



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FAQs How To Fix a Burnt Vape


Is it Bad to Hit a Burnt Vape?

Yes, it can be bad to take a burnt hit off a vape. In addition to a poor smoking experience, your throat and lungs can become irritated. If you start vaping with a burnt taste often, you may experience long-term toxic effects.


How Often Should I Clean My Disposable Vape?

You should clean your vape device regularly to fix a burnt taste and prevent a burnt coil. Your cleaning schedule will vary depending on how often you consume your vape. Some say you should clean a vape every two weeks, while others recommend cleaning it as soon as you see any e-liquid residue. Err on the side of caution and do it the minute you feel any symptom indicating a burnt vape.


How Often Should I Replace My Vape Coil?

Change your vape coil regularly to prevent it from burning and producing a harsh taste. If you are a heavy vaper, you may need a new coil every few days. If you vape occasionally, you may change your replaceable coils every week or two. Replaceable coils are a great option to extend the life of your vape. Consult your vape kit to determine the type of coil you need and how to replace it.



Final Thoughts- How to Fix a Burnt Vape [An Easy 3-Step Guide]

No one wants to deal with a burnt vape. It produces a burnt hit, making for an unpleasant vaping experience. Not only will inhaling a burnt vape interfere with your ability to get a fulfilling inhale, but it can also have toxic effects on your health. There are several reasons for a burnt taste in your vape. These are mainly the result of overconsumption and misuse, but other technical reasons can also be to blame.


Fortunately, there are ways to fix a burnt vape. Once fixed, preventing a burnt vape and ensuring a smooth vaping experience is up to you and how you use, maintain, and store your vape. With the right processes, you can accurately identify the issue and enjoy a vape taste that meets your high standards. Good luck keeping your vape devices working properly! For premium, high-quality vapes that are 100% federally legal, visit our THC Vapes page and make your purchase today. Say goodbye to burnt taste and hello to all-natural terpene-based goodness!

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