hhc cannabinoid

HHC Cannabinoid – What Is HHC?

Chances are you’re already familiar with our famous hemp-derived cannabinoid friends: CBD, Delta 8 THC, and Delta 9 THC. But have you heard of the HHC cannabinoid? This natural hemp plant compound is rarer than Delta 8 THC but similarly powerful.   For CBD enthusiasts wanting to incorporate some natural potency into their wellness regimen, HHC is just what you’re

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Strongest Delta 8 Flower: 7 Strains That Pack A THC Punch!

A somewhat mythical cannabinoid, Delta 8, also known as Delta 8 THC or D8, is almost unobtainable due to its limited quantities. However, enough D8 can be synthesized and infused into various hemp products like CBD hemp flower through safe and clean processes. Not many brands can properly make Delta 8 flower this way. But those who can, like Exhale

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how to fix a clogged vape cartridge

How To Fix a Clogged Vape Cartridge [Vaping Maintenance Guide]

Vape cartridges have become one of the most popular ways to enjoy many compounds from hemp, including Delta 8! For those of you who own a vape pen or have owned one in the past, you’ve probably dealt with clogging. For novice consumers, this has probably led to the infamous Google search, “how to fix a clogged vape cartridge.” That

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is delta 8 cbd

Is Delta 8 CBD? Not Quite! Learn More Here

Delta 8 can be confusing for people just venturing into the hemp industry. It’s fairly new, and many people wonder how Delta 8 compares to marijuana or CBD. We often get the question: “Is Delta 8 CBD?”   We don’t blame you! There’s a lot of information out there about CBD, Delta 8, and marijuana, and putting the pieces together

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delta 8 carts near me

Delta 8 Carts Near Me [Here’s Your Checklist To Follow For The Best D8]

If you got the standard, 510-threaded vape pen, you can enjoy most Delta 8 vape cartridges. But keep in mind, Delta 8 THC is a relatively new product on the cannabis market, so its availability may be limited where you are. “How can I find Delta 8 carts near me?” you ask. Well, there are a few things you should

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best ways to use delta 8 tincture

Best Ways To Use Delta 8 Tincture [Simple Tips for Optimal Results!]

One of the easiest ways to dose Delta 8 THC is by taking Delta 8 tincture, a versatile product that can be used for mood enhancement and health benefits. Oral ingestion is the recommended way to use tinctures. However, taking a tincture doesn’t have to be dull or monotonous. One of the best ways to take tincture is by directly

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microdose delta 8

Microdose Delta 8: How Smaller Doses Have Big Benefits

Two subjects have taken the wellness world by storm in the last decade: microdosing and Delta 8 THC. You’ve probably heard these topics brought up separately, but the real question is, can you microdose Delta 8? Spoiler alert! The answer is yes, but we need to address a few things before we get into that.   First of all, how

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delta 8 tolerance break

Delta 8 Tolerance Break [How to Reset Your Body]

If you take Delta 8 regularly, you may have noticed something strange. The more often you take it, the less you feel its effects. When this happens to you, it’s time for a Delta 8 tolerance break. Human bodies tend to build up a tolerance to the products we consume. It makes sense. The more you are exposed to something, the

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delta 8 crumble

Delta 8 Crumble: Discover The Mix Of Rich Flavor And High Quality D8

Delta 8 crumble sounds like some new kind of Girl Scout cookie. While Exhale crumbles do come in Girl Scout Cookie flavor, it’s far different! Delta 8 THC crumble another way to enjoy one of the most popular cannabinoids in the market! As a dry, tasteless powder, this easy-to-manipulate CBD product has skyrocketed in popularity across the nation!   Now

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hemp vs marijuana

Hemp vs Marijuana [Comparing the Two Categories of Cannabis]

Cannabis plants can be broken down into two broad categories: hemp and marijuana. If you don’t yet know the differences between hemp vs marijuana, you are in good company. People confuse these two terms because of the complicated scientific, agricultural, and legal history of cannabis. Let’s see if we can’t clear things up for you.   People frequently describe hemp

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