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delta 8 flower vs cbd flower

Delta 8 Flower Vs. CBD Flower: The Key Difference

So what is Delta 8? What the heck are terpenes and flavonoids? And there’s CBD flower too? If this lingo sounds like the beginning of a very boring chemistry lesson, don’t fret. Where do we begin with Delta 8 flower vs. CBD flower? Discovering the intricacies of the world of cannabis is a bit more exciting than you might think!

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how to store delta 8 properly

How to Store Delta 8 Properly & Keep It Fresh Longer!

While Delta 8 THC has a longer shelf life than other cannabinoids, there are still some things to keep in mind if you want your Delta 8 THC to stay fresh and potent for as long as possible. There are a few key factors to consider, such as proper lighting, temperature, and even humidity, so you can always have the

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delta 8 strains for beginners

Delta 8 Strains for Beginners [Get Familiar With D8 Flower]

So you’re new to the world of cannabis. You’ve scoped the internet for whatever you could find, and so far, you know that there is a difference between marijuana and hemp and that CBD can have lots of beneficial properties. As a beginner, you may be familiar with THC and CBD flower, but have you heard of Delta 8 flower? We’ll

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does delta 8 make you high

Does Delta 8 Make You High? [Delta 8 & Delta 9 THC Differences]

Delta 8 THC has been gaining quite a bit of buzz lately due to its euphoric and uplifting effects. But since Delta 8 (D8) is still relatively new on the market, some questions are floating around like, “Does Delta 8 make you high?”   When compared with Delta 9 THC, the effects of D8 are far less potent and provide

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what does delta 8 feel like

What Does Delta 8 Feel Like? A Subtler THC Variation With A Kick

With plenty of hemp-derived products becoming more available, Delta 8 THC products are generating a lot of buzz in the hemp community. But what does Delta 8 feel like? If you are an experienced hemp enthusiast or first-time consumer, you probably wonder what Delta 8 is like. It turns out Delta THC offers plenty of positive effects to make your

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what is delta 8

What is Delta 8? [FULL Guide & Benefits]

Move over Delta 9 THC; there’s a new phytocannabinoid on the market! Delta 8 THC (or just “D8”) may be a “minor” phytocannabinoid, but it’s a major experience with an incredible impact on many people. But what is Delta 8 THC, and how does it differ from Delta 9?   D8 is a natural compound in the cannabis plant that

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why people are trying d8 gummies

Why People Are Trying D-8 Gummies [They’re Sweet in Many Ways!]

Everyone loves sweet treats, which is one reason why both first-time and experienced consumers enjoy Delta 8 THC gummies. Besides tasting delicious, there are plenty of reasons why people are trying D-8 Gummies. The mouth-watering fruit snacks people enjoyed as kids are now made with Delta 8 THC to provide an enhanced, overall positive experience.   Most hemp fans are

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different ways to take delta 8

Different Ways to Take Delta 8 + What Methods Might Work For You

There are many different ways to take Delta 8 THC, the newest cannabis product on the market that’s surging in popularity. It’s one of the newest cannabinoids extracted from hemp, with its effects sitting somewhere between the mildness of CBD and the high of Delta 9 THC. However, this perfect balance is what many people are searching for, leading to

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delta 8 vs delta 9

Delta 8 Vs Delta 9: What Are The Similarities & Differences?

As the world of CBD and THC expands, new discoveries are being made along the way with new cannabinoids found from the hemp plant. One of the newest compounds gathering quite a bit of buzz is Delta 8. For the more seasoned cannabis veteran, you might already be familiar with Delta 9, but what’s the difference between Delta 8 vs

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