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Looking for a federally legal hemp flower that delivers the classic effects and potency of THC? You’re in the right place! Our bulk THCa Flower is fully Farm Bill-compliant. This federal law stipulates that all hemp products with no more than 0.3% THC (Delta 9 THC, D9, or D9 THC) can be legally bought and sold in the United States. Our THCa Flower is expertly sourced and domestically grown by expert farmers. Each harvest of our THCa Flower is independently tested to verify it meets this threshold.

What makes our THCa Flower a must-have for enthusiasts? To fully understand that, we have to explain what THCa is.

What Is THCa?

THCa, or Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, is the natural precursor to the world-famous THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol. Living and freshly harvested hemp plants with certain genetics can contain plentiful amounts of THCa and virtually no THC. One of the main molecular differences between these two compounds is THCa has a carbon atom attached to an oxygen atom, which THC does not. 

What makes THCa hemp flower so appealing is that when exposed to heat, THCa will rapidly turn into THC through a natural process known as decarboxylation. The high heat of vaping or smoking THCa-rich hemp flower instantly provides THC’s beloved cerebral and physical benefits for fans to enjoy, delivering a truly authentic and unique hemp flower experience. For high-quality THCa flower, check out our awesome roster of delicious strains below and pick up some of the best bulk THCa flower available!

THCa Flower – Han Solo

When you’re looking for an Indica that calms both mind and body, Han Solo provides a depth of tranquility that few other strains can match. This potent strain consistently tests at approximately 23% THCa, with heavy-hitting effects that will leave you feeling very relaxed. The aroma of Han Solo THCa Flower is a medley of spicy, woody, and sharp scents. These fragrances combine to produce a pungent funk that is sure to satisfy enthusiasts of vintage strains.

THCa Flower – Space Junkie

This creamy and bright Sativa delivers stimulating effects and great flavor in equal measure, testing above 20% THCa. A fantastic daytime strain, Space Junkie THCa Flower balances skunky and sweet aromas with undertones of grapefruit and lemonade. These tangy flavors give way to some physical relaxation and strong mental stimulation. Thanks to these uplifting benefits, Space Junkie is the perfect option for anyone looking to ease a tired body while keeping an active mind.

THCa Flower – Pineapple

Not to be confused with Pineapple Express, this well-balanced Hybrid starts with an uplifting cerebral effect, shortly followed by bodily relaxation. Clocking in at 21% THCa and living up to its name, this strain smells like ripe pineapples with skunky diesel overtones. Fans of Pineapple THCa Flower enjoy its mood-enhancing and creatively stimulating feel, making it a popular choice amongst the artistically inclined. The balance of this strain also makes it a great choice for stress relief and restlessness.

THCa Flower – Ice Cream Cookies

Ice Cream Cookies is a delicious Indica strain that regularly tests around 20% THCa. Hemp enthusiasts love this Indica for its bold effects and enjoyable smoking experience. This sought-after strain is perfect for elevating your mood and leaving you in a state of sweet relaxation. As the name suggests, Ice Cream Cookies features a combination of creamy, sweet, and gassy flavors that taste as good as they smell.

THCa Flower – Grape Frosty

Grape Frosty is another delectable Indica, testing around 20% THCa. The mouthwatering berry and fruity flavors of Grape Frosty THCa Flower dish up a sweet relaxation that will have you licking your lips and savoring its calming, tranquil effects. As a result of the peaceful vibe that follows the juicy flavor, this pleasurable flower is especially ideal for anyone who feels tense.

THCa – Sex Panther

Sex Panther THCA Flower has all the qualities of a traditional Sativa, with the raw, wild strength of the jungle cat it’s named after! An energizing strain, Sex Panther THCa Flower is sure to get your engine fired up and your mind purring, largely thanks to its high THCa content. Expect THCa levels above 25% for this turbo-charged strain. The peppery, musky odor of Sex Panther provides many of the aromatic elements hemp enthusiasts know and want and is excellent for anyone needing some morning inspiration.

THCa Flower – MAC 1

MAC 1 (also known as Miracle Alien Cookies 1) is a happy accident that results from a crossing of Alien Cookies and a mysterious strain known simply as ‘Miracle.’ Consistently testing above 23% THCa, this popular strain is a superb illustration of a unique Indica flower that checks all the boxes for the most ardent hemp fans. MAC 1 THCa Flower is great for unwinding without feeling drowsy or couch-locked, with its effects punctuated by a distinctly sweet, nutty, and gassy flavor profile.

THCa Flower – Runtz

Another highly sought-after strain, Runtz is a favorite of flavor chasers, with a powerful 19% THCa content. Experience mouthwatering flavor in every hit, evoking memories of the traditional chewy treat combined with a vanilla milkshake. When you open the packaging, a gassy, tropical aroma greets you, giving you a taste of the tart and sweet flavors to come. This tasty Hybrid delivers a soaring mental effect, perfect for an afternoon or evening session, followed by a strong physical relaxation as the effects fade.

THCa Flower – Gelato

Gelato is a powerful hybrid strain of THCa Flower that delivers on all fronts. Its incredible aroma starts with sweet notes of orange creamsicle and blueberry pie, giving way to a skunky, floral undertone. With an astounding 29% THCa, this delicious Indica-dominant Hybrid provides deep relaxation and an energizing cerebral high. Perfect for unwinding after a long day and soothing a tired body without knocking you out!

Why Exhale Wellness For Bulk THCa Flower?

At Exhale Wellness, we take immense pride in providing our wholesale partners with an extensive range of premium products. Our unwavering commitment to excellence starts with expert sourcing of the best THCa hemp flower grown in the USA. We look for strains that consistently test as potent and flavorful, striving to deliver an exceptional quality of THCa flower. 

Our meticulous quality control measures for our THCa Flower go above and beyond industry standards for safety, purity, and potency. You can view our quality assurances for yourself by examining the Certificate of Analysis (COA) that comes with each strain. This third-party lab test certifies that the THCa Hemp Flower you’re buying from us is pure, potent, and safe for consumption. When you shop with Exhale Wellness, you shop with confidence!

With us, you gain access to a diverse range of natural, hemp-based products that deliver satisfying results. Our dedicated customer service team guarantees a seamless experience, from an easy ordering process to prompt delivery. What more can you ask for? Place your bulk THCa Flower order today, and let us satisfy your THCa needs!

More THCa Products for Bulk Purchase

Along with our THCa Flower, Exhale Wellness also offers wholesale purchases of our full line of THCa products. Our commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect. We ensure exceptional product quality, premium ingredients, and rigorous testing for safety and potency.

THCa Carts

For ultimate flexibility and flavor options, check out our selection of THCa Vape Carts. Our THCa Carts have a universal 510-thread, ensuring a perfect fit for most vape batteries. The variety of strains we offer is flavorful, potent, and ever-growing. Plus, the cartridge format lets you easily switch out our THCa Carts anytime.

THCa Pre-Rolls

To complement our bulk THCa Flower options, we also offer our catalog of strains as packs of pre-rolled joints. Freshly-ground THCa hemp flower is expertly rolled in slow-burning hemp papers. Each joint is then carefully packed to avoid air pockets and ensure an even burn. These powerful THCa Pre-Rolls are perfect for anyone on the go, ready to light up and enjoy at any moment.

THCa Disposables

For those that prefer a vape ready to enjoy directly out of the packaging, we recommend our THCa Disposables. These precharged, prefilled units combine battery, heating element, and vape oil in one device. Our THCa Disposables are draw-activated; inhaling from the mouthpiece will vaporize the lab-tested THCa oil inside and deliver a delicious drag.

Bulk THCa Flower FAQ

If you still have more questions about THCa flower, we’ve got you covered! Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions and their answers.

What Is THCa Flower?

THCa hemp flower refers to a specific variety of hemp flower that contains high levels of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCa) and low levels of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THCa is the non-euphoric precursor to THC, which means it does not produce the cerebral effects typically associated with THC consumption.


THCa Hemp Flower vs. Hemp Flower

THCa hemp flower is a variety of hemp flower naturally rich in THCa. Generally, standard hemp flower does not contain much THCa but has an abundance of Cannabidiol (CBD).


What Are the Effects of THCa Hemp Flower?

The effects of THCa hemp flower depend entirely on how one consumes it and how much they consume. When THCa is exposed to heat, it converts into THC, delivering a spectrum of uplifting and relaxing sensations. Some people prefer to consume THCa flower in its raw form, such as juicing, smoothies, or as part of their wellness regimen. Interestingly enough, THCa in its raw form is not euphoric. But when heated, the sky’s the limit.

How To Use THCa Hemp Flower

To enjoy THCa hemp flower the traditional way, you can grind up a bud and smoke it in a pipe or bong. If you like, you can also grind the THCa Flower and use your favorite rolling papers to make a joint, which you can then smoke as you please. Dry herb vapes are another option for enjoying THCa Flower, as they provide a smokeless experience punctuated by delicious vapor. For non-euphoric options, you can use unheated THCa flower in your salads, juices, and smoothies.

Is THCa Legal?

Yes, THCa is legal if cultivated and harvested from hemp plants containing THC concentrations within legal limits (at 0.3% THC or less). Yet, it’s important to note that regulations on THCa hemp flower can vary depending on where you live. We always recommend checking the local laws in your area before purchasing or consuming any THCa products.

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