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Indica Vs Sativa: What’s the Difference

Indica vs Sativa: These are the two main types of cannabis plants. Each gives unique effects. Sativa is often used during the day for its uplifting, energetic boosts. Indica is a nighttime favorite. It is known for chill vibes, calm relaxation, and couch-lock feels. These will make you not want to move a muscle.

Join us in this Indica Vs Sativa guide. It covers all you need to know about these types of 420 plants. There is a lot to cover, so let us kick things off with a quick Indica Vs Sativa run down!

Indica Vs Sativa

The main difference is their impact on energy and productivity. Indica is often enjoyed at night for its restful and calming properties. In contrast, Sativa is uplifting and gives mind-high effects. These effects enhance creativity and productivity, making cannabis sativa ideal for daytime use.

Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa, their proper scientific names, contain distinct characteristics that set them apart from each other; we cover this and their origins below so you can pick which is best for your needs. There is a lot to discuss in the indica vs sativa matchup! Let us start with Indica, shall we?


What is Indica?

Indica tends to have less THC and more CBD than Sativa plants and is a species of cannabis plant that first came from the Hindu Kush mountain ranges of Southern Asia. Indica plants are short and stocky. They are seen as the most relaxing of the two main cannabis types due to their high levels of CND/CBD. These chemicals make it easy to relax the mind and body. That’s why most prefer to enjoy Indica at nighttime!

Indica-dominant strains often have more cannabinoids. This helps them give the chill, sleepy, and couch-lock feels they are known for. It can potentially reduce discomfort and improve mood, appetite, and sleep. This lets you get the rest you need for the day to come. There are many potential benefits cannabis indica has. They transform life for countless people!

Indica in-depth

Where did Indica come from, how much CBD and THC does it have, and is it best for day or nighttime use? Great questions for sure! Read on as we cover this cannabis variant that is quite unlike all others.


What is the origin of Indica? This type of cannabis plant first thrived in Southern Asia along the Hindu Kush mountains and in Tibet, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the Middle East. Its name, Indica, was first used in the 18th century to describe this crop.

Plant description

What do Indica plants look like and what physical characteristics are they known for? They are skinny, compact, and thick-stemmed with a height that rarely tops six and a half feet. Their leaves are usually darker green but some have blue and green-blackish tints with short and wide leaves shaped to a point.

Indica plants grow more and denser branches than Sativa strains. So, they are often bushier with flowers that form in congested clusters. Thus, Indica plants tend to weigh more than their cousins.

Typical CBD-to-THC ratio

This refers to how much CBD a product has compared to its amount of THC. If there is five times as much THC as CBD, the ratio would be 5:1. If there was five times the amount of CBD, the ratio would be 1:5. The most common CBD to THC ratios in modern Indica strains are 50:1 to 20:1. Low-THC, high-CBD products are often 1:10. These aim to bring the wellness benefits of cannabis but without the highs and cerebral effects of high-THC marijuana.

Commonly associated effects of use

Indica is rich in CBD, which when taken alone, can help the mind and body relax without the imperative effects that come with THC. Indica has long been known to give physical relief and blissful body highs. These are not had with Sativa. This makes Indica the nightly, go-to strain for many who wish to enjoy deeper rest.

Daytime or nighttime use

In the Indica Vs Sativa match-up, Indica takes far lead as the best cannabis strain to enjoy at nighttime!

From pain to aches and discomfort, Indica is a potent, CBD-rich strain most used at night for the relief it brings. If you have issues falling asleep or are kept up late due to tension or racing thoughts, Indica is best as it can take you to the care-free zone more easily and give full-body relief not otherwise had.

Popular strains

Indica and Sativa bring polar opposite effects so the strain you pick should align with your goals. If more energy and creativity are your aim, Sativa is for you! If relief from aches and long days is what you need, or if chilled vibes and mind-to-body sensations are your style, Indica is best fit for the task!

Many people love Indica strains like MAC1, Hindu Kush, Northern Lights, and Granddaddy Purple. They also love Sativa strains like Green Crack, Blue Dream, and Durban Poison. At Exhale Wellness, we offer cannabis extracts and gummies made from each so you can get the boost or relief you need. For example, we have Indica-inspired, D9 + CBN gummies for nightly relief and Sativa-driven, Delta 8 edibles and gummies for energy, wellness, and creativity!


What is Sativa?

It was classified in 1753. Sativa is one of the two main types of cannabis plants. It is best known for its energizing effects. This is due to its higher CBD concentration. This helps most people have more energy and creativity.

Sativa is the botanical term for this type of marijuana plant and its traits. It has bioactive cannabinoids that bring the pleasing, uplifting, and creative-boosting effects it is beloved for. So, if you need a daytime crutch or boost, rely on Sativa. It may help you tackle tiring days and tasks.

Sativa in-depth

What is the origin of Sativa, why is it one of the most popular types of cannabis enjoyed today, and is it best suited for night or daytime use? Read as we cover this strain that has plenty to offer indulgers!


Sativa’s roots trace back to Central and Eastern Asia where it still grows. It was mainly found in regions like India, Turkey, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, and still is. But, Sativa is now mainstream and grown in most regions. This is due to its popularity with consumers who value its creative and energetic properties. If you seek energy and creativity, it will likely be your favorite too!

Plant description

Sativa plant flowers are unisexual and have palm-shaped leaves with deep green tops and light green bottoms. Sativa plants are from Central and Eastern Asia. They are now grown in many parts of the world. This is because their short-day flowering cycles and calming, uplifting effects have made them very popular.

Typical CBD-to-THC Ratio

1:1 and 2:1 are the most common CBD-to-THC ratios in medical marijuana. The first is an equal part of each, while the second has two times as much CBD as THC. For some, these ratios may have too much THC. In such cases, products like our D8 THC gummies can help!

Commonly associated effects of use

By now it is safe to say you know Indica and Sative offer unique effects but let us take a closer look.

Daytime or nighttime use

Should you go for an indica or sativa strain for rest and sound sleep? That is one of the most-asked questions presented to budtenders and cannabis doctors! Sativa strains tend to be best for daytime use while pure indica and indica-presiding hybrid strains are by far best for most people during night.

Sativa can boost energy and aid creativity. It helps during tasks or projects. Indica helps to relax and stop racing thoughts. If you seek cannabis products that can help you chill and fall asleep fast, our CBN + Delta 9 THC Sleep Gummies will not disappoint!

Popular strains


From G13 to Durban Poison and Girlscout Cookies, there is a slew of popular strains to choose from, and some of the most popular ones, like Sour Diesel and Northern Lights, are found at Exhale Wellness as we offer D8 THC, Sour Diesel Vape Carts and Delta Northern Lights THC flower, among many other products that are not only made from natural ingredients but other indica and sativa dominant strains.


The Difference Between Sativa and Indica

What differs Indica vs Sativa are their effects as each has unique terpenes and cannabinoids in them.

Indica and Sativa Terpenes

Indica strains have more myrcene, a terpene that supports sedation and couch-lock. Sativa has farnesene and bergamotene, sweet, herbal, and potent terpenes. They have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This makes Sativa the preferred choice for many.

Indica and Sativa Cannabinoids

Many cannabinoids exist but the ones most prevalent in cannabis plants are CBD and THC. Sativa has more CBD than THC. Indica, the strain chosen for nighttime use, has more CBD and extra THC. These are two of the over sixty cannabinoids in it.


How They Work in the Body

How does Indica and Sativa work in the body to bring the pleasing and highly relaxing effects they do?

They are suggested to boost serotonin. Serotonin is a brain chemical that regulates moods, sleep, anxiety, and appetite. Most times, the effects of CBD or THC in cannabis edibles, such as the Delta 9 chews and Delta 8 THC gummies sold here at Exhale, take only an hour or less to bring relief, but of course, how soon relief from cannabis arrives depends on the intake method.

THC is found in Indica and Sativa strains. It has a structure like a brain chemical called anandamide. Their similarity lets the body recognize THC and is what lets it alter mental functions and communication. As endogenous cannabinoids engage neurotransmitters in the brain, chemical messages speak to your neurons and nerve cells. It’s thought to impact memory, pleasure, thinking, movement, concentration, coordination, and even time perception. THC can trigger these mental effects and physical functions by binding to molecules called cannabinoid receptors. This happens in the body, and then the effects of THC come alive.

Potential Effects and Risks

Risks and side effects of Indica and Sativa strains are rare to occur and most minimal with Delta THC extracts and gummies as sold at Exhale as these are rich in CBD and contain manageable amounts of THC, so you can enjoy the wellness benefits of cannabis with none of the nervousness that may follow toking conventional flower. This said, side effects are rare if you take the right amount per session but if they do arise, red eyes and a slightly faster heartbeat are usually the worst of symptoms.

The benefits of Cannabis Indica make it a highly attractive, nighttime relaxation aid for most as it may:

  • Enhance mental relaxation.
  • Ease sore or aching muscles.
  • Stimulate and improve hunger.
  • Suggested to reduce nausea and its symptoms.
  • Invite relaxation by potentially raising dopamine.

Benefits of Cannabis Sativa are plentiful and is a favorite to daytime busybodies as it is known to help:

  • Ease anxiousness.
  • Tackle chronic discomfort.
  • Increase happy feelings.
  • Boost focus and creativity.


How to Choose Indica and Sativa Products

The best weed strain for you is based on your needs, consider the following before you pick one out.

Understand Your Desired Effects

To get the most out of your cannabis experience, consider your goals and then pick the strain that will best accommodate them. Want longer nights of restful sleep or chillaxed, couch-lock feels that let you relax like never before? Then Indica is likely to get the job done! If more energy or creative juices to make it through the day with flying colors is your goal, well then, Sativa is the marijuana strain for you!

Consider Your Personal Preferences

Consider your goals and preferences. Indica strains and sativa variants have distinct effects. They are best for certain cases. If you seek a mild but uplifting experience, choose Sativa. It’s better for you because Indica brings a knockout effect. It makes it hard for most people to have productive days. That’s why most reserve it for nighttime..

Research Strain Characteristics

Cannabis strains can have unique compounds that bring about unique effects. For this reason, research strains before picking one. This will give you an idea of what to expect and what strains can help relieve your issues.

Let us say you want to have more energy in the mornings and enhanced drive and creativity to tackle tasks and projects throughout the day, in such a case, a product like this Exhale Delta 8 vape cartridge is best as it is made from Sour Diesel; a CBD-rich, Sativa-presiding strain that may boost performance!

On the contrary, you may wish to have a product that lets you close your eyes and drift to sleep fast, if so, a solution like our Northern Lights D8 THC flower will save your night! Our Indica flower is legal to enjoy, and can let you fully enjoy the benefits of cannabis without the anxiety or paranoia of marijuana.

Consider THC and CBD Levels

All Sativa and Indica strains contain CBD and THC, and each of these affects the body in unique ways, as covered in this guide. As you shop for cannabis products, be sure to check the CBD and THC ratio of the one you want before buying to ensure the effects it gives align with the issues you wish to treat.

Consult with Experts

Speak to a doctor or budtender, or message our wellness team here at Exhale if you are unsure which cannabis strain is best for you. If you have any health issues or medical conditions you fear might be aggravated by cannabis, be sure to consult a healthcare professional before using any THC products!


FAQs About Sativa Vs Indica

Indica and Sativa are potent and cherished types of marijuana plants, and each brings unique sets of effects. Indica is best known for making people feel calm and relaxed with its CBD-rich makeup that lets many enjoy relief from pain or tension, Indica is also used by many people to help treat insomnia.

On the other hand, we have Sativa, the THC-rich, low-in-CBD strain best for days you could use extra juice in the think tank. If you often lack ideas for projects or find it tough to get going in the morning, the higher CBD levels in Sativa-dominant cannabis can help you get tasks and overdue projects done!

How do the physical characteristics of Indica and Sativa plants differ?

When it comes to physical traits of Indica and Sativa plants, there are a few things that set them apart.

It is not hard to tell cannabis sativa and cannabis indica plants apart as from height to stature to leaf size and bud density to their odor, colors, and flowering time, each is unique in how they look and grow.

Indica plants often have bushy yet wide-short leaves while Sativa plants tend to have long-thin leaves; hybrid strains that mix Indica and Sativa often share physical plant traits from both marijuana varieties.

Can I use Indica and Sativa strains interchangeably, or are they best suited for specific purposes?

Effects of Indica and Sativa may vary slightly from one person to the next but you can surely indulge in Indica and Sative interchangeably based on the time of day and mood you are in. Many use Sativa in the morning for its uplifting effects and then use Indica at night before bed or on stress-filled days that call for relief. And yes, Indica and Sativa surely have their purpose as cannabis enthusiasts, and scientific researchers, widely agree that Indica is best for rest while Sativa is best for energy boosts!

Are there any medical or therapeutic differences between the Indica and Sativa strains?

Each can bring peace and relaxation but with Indica having more THC, it is often preferred over Sativa by those striving to address tension or sleepless nights but each makes it possible to reap the wellness benefits of cannabis. Sativa is often ideal for daytime use as it may help you feel creative and uplifted with mild cerebral effects that let you sustain more focus than if you took an Indica-presiding product.

On the contrary, we have Indica strains! These are also known as Bedtime Strains as they are believed to deter aches and insomnia with a healthy sprinkle of calming effects that traverse the mind and body.

How do terpenes contribute to the effects of Indica and Sativa strains?

Terpenes in Indica vs Sativa, and hybrid strains determine if it will be sedating or stimulating. So YES, terpenes surely contribute to the effects of Indica and Sativa, and the results you get from taking it.

While you can get an idea of the effects you will get from a strain by knowing if it is Indica or Sativa, learning its terpene profile will help even more as while psychoactive cannabinoids like THC can bring elevating effects, it is the terpenes that do the work in promoting specific, wellness-focused benefits.

While terpene isolates found in marijuana can be found in other plants, all chemovars have blends of terpenes unique to them, which is how we get the many scents, flavors, and effects we do, and is why some strains will glue you to the couch while others may make you want to socialize until tomorrow.

Simply put, terpenes in cannabis largely dictate how you will feel so consider this before you consume!

Do you feel more high with sativa or indica?

Effects of Indica/Sativa may vary slightly from one person to the next though most get a more potent experience from Indica-dominant strains given their higher production of THC over Sativa plants, and it is this reason cannabis Indica is preferred by most over cannabis sativa as the sleep strain of choice.

Does sativa or indica make you sleepy?

Since THC levels can impact sleep cycles, Indica takes lead over Sativa as the best strain for sleep as Indica plants often create more THC than its cousin plant. As such, Indica is best for those who wish to achieve body and mental sensations as Sativa has more CBD and less tetrahydrocannabinol, which is what gives the classic, 420-chill feels we all love and know! To answer the question, Indica stands strong as the best sleep and nighttime strain; many rely on Indica nightly for restful evenings of sleep!



The results are in, and conclusive, in the indica vs sativa debate! If nightly relief and next-level rest are your goals, the all-powerful Indica strain will work wonders for you, as will our Delta-8 Northern Lights flower that is the finest, Indica-presiding hemp around! Want a burst of energy for the day and a jolt to creative senses? Not an issue with our discreet and portable Delta-8 THC carts made from quality, top-shelf, and highly refined Sativa distillate!

We thank you for reading our Indica vs Sativa guide and hope you got the insight you need to make an informed choice for your wellness needs! We invite you to view our large selection of cannabis edibles, extracts, gummies, and tinctures so you can find the perfect product for your daily and nightly needs!


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