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smoke amanita mushroom

Can You Smoke Amanita Mushroom Caps? [The Surprising Answer Revealed]

Amanita muscaria is easy to spot in the wild, given its strawberry cotton candy-colored red cap adorned with raised off-white warts. For centuries, many cultures have used these wild mushrooms to achieve spiritual insight and cerebral exploration. There are various ways of consuming Amanita muscaria mushrooms. One way is smoking. But is it okay to smoke Amanita mushroom caps?


Keep reading if you’re curious about this often misunderstood mushroom and want to know if smoking is an option that’s right for you. We’ll explore everything you need to know about smoking Amanita muscaria mushrooms. And if you feel smoking Amanita muscaria isn’t right for you, we’ll reveal methods of consuming these dried mushrooms.



amanita muscaria dried caps



What Is Amanita muscaria Mushroom?

Amanita muscaria is a variety of wild mushroom containing euphoric substances that induce relaxation and can lead to vivid, introspective dreams when taken as directed. Also known as Fly Agaric or Fly Amanita mushrooms, Amanita muscaria is part of the genus Amanita and the species muscaria. Of all wild mushrooms, it is most easy to spot with its iconic and distinct red-white-spotted cap. Its iconic appearance has made it a pop culture staple, often appearing in movies, video games, and books.


There are over 600 species of Amanita mushrooms, with Amanita muscaria being the most famous. This potent and euphoric fungus contains compounds like muscimol and ibotenic acid that may alter consciousness and stir your subconscious.


Many who have tried it claim to experience vivid, lucid dreams that are often introspective and affirming. The mushroom also has sedative and relaxing properties, which made it valued in tribal ceremonies millennia ago. In fact, the use of Amanita muscaria mushrooms dates back thousands of years to prehistoric man.



amanita muscaria mushrooms in the wild



Is Amanita muscaria a Psychedelic Mushroom?

Amanita muscaria is not a psychedelic mushroom. Psychedelic mushrooms refer to fungi that contain psychoactive compounds like psilocybin. It’s important to note that psilocybin by itself is biologically inactive. When ingested, it breaks down into the hallucinogenic psilocin. These mushrooms, often referred to as magic mushrooms or shrooms, produce psychedelic experiences while awake. The psychedelic effects include visual and auditory hallucinations.


Amanita muscaria mushrooms do not contain psychedelic compounds. They do, however, contain muscimol, which produces calming euphoria. Whereas psilocin acts on your serotonin receptors, muscimol engages your gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptors. These receptors help to relax your mind and body, easing you into deep, undisturbed sleep. And it’s when you’re asleep that muscimol works its magic by inducing lively, lucid dreams. When you awake, you feel refreshed and renewed.


Is Amanita muscaria Safe To Take?

Yes, Amanita muscaria is safe only when it’s properly prepared. Consuming Amanita muscaria mushroom in its raw form is not recommended as it may contain high levels of toxins that may lead mushroom poisoning. According to the North American Mycological Association (NAMA), there are no documented cases of death resulting from Amanita muscaria toxicity.


Raw Amanita muscaria consumption may lead to upset stomach, diarrhea, lethargy, drowsiness, and other uncomfortable feelings. You need to prepare Amanita muscaria before you can consume it. This typically involves boiling it. Boiling helps to detoxify the mushroom by removing the majority of toxins, making it safe to consume.



What Are the Benefits of Amanita Mushrooms?

Amanita muscaria mushrooms can provide several positive benefits that can help recharge the mind, body, and spirit. The potential benefits of the Amanita muscaria mushroom are plentiful for all relief and wellness seekers to enjoy. But for the best experience, take only small doses to see how it makes you feel and gradually increase the dose over time as needed.


Some of the potential benefits you may experience from Amanita muscaria mushrooms include:


  • Mind-freeing, introspective dreams
  • Soothing relaxation and couch-lock feels
  • Relief from tension and discomfort
  • Elevated mood
  • Enhanced sleep


Always start with a low dose, gauge how you feel and move on to a dose appropriate for your needs. Enjoy with caution. It’s important to note that you may experience minor, temporary side effects if taken in very high doses.



happy man relaxing on couch



Potential Side Effects of Amanita Mushroom

If you overindulge and take more than your tolerance level can handle, you may experience mild but often quick-to-pass side effects. These may include:


  • Mental or physical sluggishness
  • Sweating
  • Excessive salivation
  • Upset stomach
  • Nausea
  • Gas
  • Drowsiness


Symptoms may be avoided with responsible consumption and adherence to serving suggestions. If any symptoms occur, find a comfy spot to rest and sip plenty of water until they subside.



Can You Smoke Amanita Mushroom?

Yes, you can indeed smoke Amanita muscaria mushrooms! But before you roll a Fly Agaric joint, there are some things you should know. Smoke dried Amanita muscaria mushroom caps for the best results.


Ensure the cap is adequately prepared and dried. Break it into small pieces, roll it into a joint, or pack it into the bowl of a pipe. Before smoking, it’s customary to mix it with other herbs to improve the smoking experience and heighten the mushroom’s effects.


Some places even sell pre-rolled Amanita muscaria joints that take only a flame to enjoy! With an earthy aroma and fast onset of effects, smoking Amanita muscaria is how many choose to consume this mushroom. Although this might be a popular option, many opt for edible forms of Amanita muscaria, such as tinctures and gummies.



The Benefits of Smoking Amanita muscaria Mushrooms

All this said, there are plenty of potential benefits to smoking Amanita muscaria! But of course, how you feel from smoking will not be the same for everyone else. And you will truly know how it will affect you once you try it.


However, those who smoke Amanita muscaria often report:


  • Immediate effects. Since you’re inhaling the active compounds through your lungs, you’ll experience quicker onset of effects. Expect to feel Amanita muscaria‘s soothing sensations immediately to within minutes of inhaling.
  • Enhanced mood and outlook. Many people feel pleasant and uplifted within minutes of smoking this mushroom. It may make you joyful and talkative or happy and elated. You may even feel bliss and calming sensations. No matter the case you are in for a treat!
  • Physical, foot-to-head euphoria. Most who smoke Fly Agaric enjoy whole-body euphoria and an elevated journey. Most experts say the feeling is similar to the endorphin rush had during times of intimacy or excitement. If long, tiring, or physical days dampen the mood, Amanita may help!
  • Relief from tension and discomfort. The calming traits of muscimol make it a promising relief option for those with chronic discomfort. Fly Agaric may replace tense and aching feelings with blissful relief and euphoria. For potential natural relief, consider trying Amanita muscaria!



woman with red lips exhaling smoke



Alternative Ways To Ingest Amanita muscaria

Okay, so smoking might not be your thing. That’s perfectly fine! There are plenty of other ways to enjoy the dreamy benefits of Amanita muscaria!


Amanita muscaria Dried Mushrooms

Of all the ways to take Amanita muscaria mushrooms, consuming dried caps is one of the easiest ways to enjoy them. However, some people do not chew them and instead place them between their gum and cheek, where they let them sit until they feel their effects.


Amanita muscaria has compounds that may be relaxing and stimulating. As previously mentioned, the mushroom contains muscimol, which acts on the GABA pathway. However, Amanita dried caps should be enjoyed in low doses as its traits may bring side effects if taken in large amounts. Dry caps are a great way to reach a calmer state in mindful doses, but be sure to buy Amanita muscaria caps from a trusted seller!


Amanita muscaria Mushroom Tincture

Amanita muscaria tincture is a shelf-stable extract of compounds from this beloved fungi and is a popular way to consume the mushroom. Tincture works best as a wellness product as it has less ibotenic acid than dried caps, which is why side effects from it are rare. If you only seek this fantastical fungi’s wellness traits and benefits, tincture is the product you are looking for.


Amanita muscaria Mushroom Gummies

Amanita muscaria mushroom gummies are widely popular and beloved because they are discreet. These edibles are infused with Amanita muscaria extract and have no odor, unlike smoked and burning Amanita muscaria. Although relatively new to the scene, Amanita gummies are now the preferred intake option due to their convenience. And because each gummy contains a precise dose of Amanita mushroom extract, you’ll enjoy a consistent experience every time.


As an easy way to reap the great benefits of Amanita muscariaAmanita mushroom gummies, like the ones sold right here at Exhale Wellness, are not only infused with the mushroom’s active compounds but also contain natural fruit flavors, making them delicious to take!


Our Amanita Gummy Cubes contain muscimol and Amanita muscaria mushroom extract as their active ingredients. Relax and relieve or elevate and expand the mind with Exhale Amanita Muscaria Gummies that let the potential of this magical fungi shine! Prep for other-worldly splendors!



amanita muscaria dried caps



Final Thoughts – Can You Smoke Amanita Mushroom Caps? [The Surprising Answer Revealed] 

Forget what you’ve heard. It’s true; you can smoke Amanita muscaria for a mild and calming effect. Enjoy it the same way you would hemp flower by breaking the dried cap into small pieces and rolling it into a joint or stuffing it into the bowl of a smoking pipe. Smoking provides immediate effects, but they subside faster than edible methods. And if smoking is not for you, other options to enjoy Amanita muscaria exist. For a smokeless, pure, and clean experience, we suggest edibles like our Amanita Muscaria Dried Caps and D9 + HHC + Amanita Gummies.


However you decide to enjoy the benefits of Amanita muscaria, be sure to buy them from a trusted seller with lab-tested products, like Exhale Wellness! Our Amanita muscaria mushroom edibles let you blast off in a tasty and discreet style. Plus they are predosed, so getting the amount you need is easy. Buying Amanita muscaria gummies from us will definitely deliver the results you’re looking for. But enjoy mindfully and start with low doses!

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