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Wholesale CBD Gummies - Bulk CBD Gummies


To help you with the process of becoming a wholesale CBD vendor, we put together this handy guide! So if you are looking for more information on ordering bulk CBD gummies or our other hemp-derived or CBD products, stick with me for everything you need to know!

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CBD Gummies Wholesale: Become a Retailer 

Before you jump headlong into making sales, there are some important steps to go through. If this is your first time getting into wholesale, you’ll want to be sure everything is set up to ensure you have the best chance for success. To help ease this process, we put together this convenient list of steps to complete before becoming a wholesale vendor.

CBD is a relatively new industry and has not yet seen approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Because of this, you have to be careful what you do or do not say when creating your marketing materials. To avoid potentially running into problems, please follow these rules of thumb:

  1. Recommend customers consult a physician before taking any CBD products.

  2. Do not recommend hemp products as an alternative to any prescription medications.

  3. Do not recommend hemp products as a cure for any serious medical condition.

  4. Do not describe any hemp product as a supplemental dietary product.

Create a Business Plan

Before you make any financial decisions, it is extremely important to go in with a plan. CBD is an exciting and highly profitable business. Still, to make the most of this opportunity, you need to have a solid plan encompassing your finances, your intended customer base, the range of products you intend to stock, and much more.

Choose a Name

Every good business needs an attractive name. While choosing a name that expresses your taste is exciting, you must send the correct message to your intended customers if you want to become a trusted retailer. 

A name is your first line of communication with your customers. So try to choose one that strikes a balance between being recognizable and welcoming to your particular demographic.

Get a Business Account

Opening a business account can help you keep track of your finances easier by separating your sources of income. A business account also opens you to useful options like a company credit card and can even help simplify your taxes each year.

Pick a Shop

There are two options for distributing your wholesale products: selling from a physical location or opening up a website. Each comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Running a physical store comes with additional costs associated with rent, utilities, and decorating a storefront. However, running a physical store allows you to have direct communication with your customers, so you can quickly build a reputation in your area. A website has the advantage of having very few associated costs but requires technical knowledge and money to invest in the packing and shipping process.

Get Licensed

Luckily, selling CBD does not require any specialized licensing. However, if you want to sell your stock online, you will likely need a standard business license and a resale license, depending on your state. Check your state’s rules and regulations for more information on becoming a web-based wholesale distributor.

cbd fruit gummies
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Why Buy Wholesale CBD Gummies from Exhale?

Exhale is the #1 source for hemp in the world! We are proud to provide our customers access to the highest quality hemp products available, made with natural and all organic ingredients. But when you buy wholesale from us, that’s just where the benefits begin!

At Exhale Wellness, we are on a mission to harness the healing properties of hemp to increase the quality of life for people everywhere. We believe everyone deserves an alternative to traditional treatments. We seek to educate people about natural wellness and put our values into practice by providing our customers organic products designed to naturally give your body balance and ease.

We are The Manufacturer

Unlike other big-name CBD brands, we manufacture our products by ourselves. Our vegan CBD gummies are made with a unique proprietary formula designed by us with care! We wanted to design products that bring something special to the hemp industry, so we figured there was no other option than to do it ourselves!

Our Standards