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delta 8 strains for beginners

Delta 8 Strains for Beginners [Familiarize with D8 Flower]

So you’re new to the world of cannabis. You’ve scoped the internet for whatever you could find, and so far, you know that there is a difference between marijuana and hemp and that CBD can have many beneficial properties. As a beginner, you may be familiar with THC and CBD flowers, but have you heard of Delta 8 flowers? We’ll bring you in the loop and break down Delta 8 strains for beginners below.


Delta 8 describes a lesser-known cannabinoid that has caught wind recently but is still foreign to new users. It’s made for fans of typical CBD products but with an extra kick to rocket you straight into blissful relaxation and harmony. Sold yet? Here’s a detailed guide to Delta 8 strains for beginners.


What is a Delta 8 Flower Strain?

Delta 8 (short for delta eight tetrahydrocannabinol or Delta 8 THC) comes from the same cannabis plant as CBD. It is a hemp-based component that has been manufactured via a process called isomerization to rearrange its chemical makeup to make it a close but unique relative to CBD. Delta 8 is an isomer of CBD, meaning it has the same compounds with the same formula, but the atoms have been rearranged to have different properties and effects on the body.


Basically, it is an organic part of the cannabis plant that naturally occurs but in low numbers. So, it needs to be converted in higher numbers at a higher rate in a lab to speed up the production process, so there’s enough to make Delta 8 products. Processors add the Delta 8 material to dried hemp flowers to create a smokeable product with the qualities and benefits of Delta 8.



a glass container full of hemp



What Types of Delta 8 Strains Are There?

CBD comes in three types: Indica-dominant, Sativa-dominant, and Hybrid strains. We say “dominant” because most CBD hemp strains nowadays are a mix of the two, but strains usually have more of one than the other. For example, if one strain is more dominant in Sativa, we say it is “Sativa-dominant,” and its effects will most influence you as a Sativa strain would. Strains that are more of an equal blend are Hybrids.


Sativa and Indica produce polar opposite effects, while Hybrids’ effects can land on a scale anywhere between the two. Every strain can affect a person differently, depending on individual preference, tolerance, and experience level with CBD. To find the best Delta 8 THC strain for you, you must try each and see what you prefer!



Cannabis Indica is a type of hemp plant that Indica-dominant strains come from. This strain of CBD causes a “whole-body effect” that is felt more physically than mentally. Indica-dominant strains have higher contents of CBD, which contributes to their relaxing qualities.


Users who prefer this strain are looking for assistance with:


  • Sleeping
  • Relaxation
  • Stimulating appetite
  • Reducing stress
  • Boosting their mood



Sativa-dominant strains come from the plant Cannabis Sativa and have lower contents of CBD in their composition, making the effects of this strain more head-focused. These strains are perfect for those who want to be mentally stimulated and productive.


Sativa strains are responsible for feelings of:


  • Creativity
  • Productivity
  • Inspiration
  • Clarity
  • Energy



Hybrid strains are mixed forms of CBD that possess qualities from both Sativa and Indica strains to focus on targeting certain effects. Depending on the parent plants, the strain can possess any number of qualities. Because of the range of effects Hybrids can achieve, it is hard to describe every one they can have.



kandy kush in jars bud



What About Delta 9?

Delta 8 and Delta 9 are closely related isomers of CBD, but Delta 9 THC is potent enough to give you that stereotypical high. It is twice as strong as CBD or Delta 8 strains and can cause euphoria filled with giggles and munchies. It can also cause negative cognitions like mental fog, impaired motor skills, and paranoia.


Delta 9 is classified as a marijuana product under the 2018 Farm Bill (the bill that legalized CBD on the Federal level) instead of hemp because of its intoxicating qualities, so it is different than Delta 8.


Delta 8 is great because it is the perfect middle-ground between CBD and Delta 9, creating just the right amount of therapeutic uplift to boost your mood and wellness.


How Many Delta 8 Strains Are There?

Any CBD strain can be converted into a Delta 8 strain. There are over 700 strains of CBD in existence, which means that theoretically, there can also be 700 strains of Delta 8. However, there are only five extraordinary strains you need to focus on.


Delta 8 Strains for Beginners

Exhale showcases Delta 8 THC products made from the cleanest Colorado-farmed hemp. We’ve highlighted the most popular ones below to help you get a start on the best Delta 8 strains.



Girl Scout cookie season comes early with the nutty baked freshness of this Delta 8 strain! Of course, this isn’t the kind of cookie you would expect to be sold by the scouts outside of your grocery store. This strain of Delta 8 comes from an Indica-dominant hemp flower. It will send you into the sweet serenity of post-dessert bliss beyond what your favorite Trefoils and Thin Mints could ever do.


Gorilla Glue

While we wouldn’t recommend using this flower to keep your hair in place, the sticky buds of Gorilla Glue Delta 8 will wake you up better than any cup of morning joe. The perfect perky scent of coffee dabbled with citrus and pepper creates a complex strain made to kickstart your engine and put a pep in your step.


For added convenience, Exhale offers Gorilla Glue in pre-rolls and vape cartridges so you can skip rolling your own joints and ease into your morning routine!


Sour Diesel

Rev up your engines with Sour Diesel! This Sativa-dominant hybrid aerates a sour, spicy-smelling vapor made from the dense flower buds of high-quality cannabis. This strain will create laser focus and bountiful energy by invigorating the senses with a pungent mingling of earthy citrus.  It is great to start your day and give you the motivation you need to get going.


OG Kush

Get one of the best smoking experiences on the market with a legendary classic beloved by users everywhere with a strain that brings the best of both worlds. OG Kush is a hybrid blend of Indica and Sativa in an earthy lemon-pine fragrant fusion that delivers a full head and body influence that can ease intense stress levels.


Skywalker OG

Cue the giant scrolling words; this Delta 8 strain is here to rep the most famous Jedi Knight! Ironically, this Indica-dominant strain brings less of a head-in-the-stars sort of feel and more of a feet-firmly-on-the-ground feeling designed to bring peace to the Force within you.


Skywalker OG features notes of sweet citrusy hops that fade into a spicy pine finale, much like we imagine the forests on an Endor Moon would smell. This WILL be the strain you’re looking for…if you enjoy mellow, creative effects from your CBD, that is!



loading up joint papers



Additional Delta 8 Strains

The list of Delta 8 flowers is constantly growing, so there will never be an exhaustive list of every type, but here are a few more crowd favorites to round off this list of beginner’s recommendations.



Much like the colorful, chewy candies of the same name, you’ll experience a tropical explosion of mouth-watering fruity flavors that leave a long-lasting tangy aftertaste on your tongue. Indica-dominant Delta 8 will help you unwind at the end of a hard day without the grogginess of typical Indica strains, keeping you clear-headed and in good spirits.



Float up to the freshness atop crisp pine trees with Lifter, which delivers the scent of the outdoors garnished with a slice of lemon. This Hybrid strain has an earthy citrus aroma to increase clarity and melt away feelings of fatigue. This is an ideal Delta 8 strain for beginners.


Hawaiian Haze

Find the feeling of a summer vacation in the floral vibes of this Sativa-dominant strain. Clouds of airy island vibes dance across your tongue like freshly sliced pineapple and mango to create a heady invigoration. Fans of this strain report becoming more sociable after ingesting, which is useful for those looking to go from wallflower to life of the party in just a few tokes.


How Do I Use Delta 8 Flower?

Delta 8 THC flower is one of the most popular ways to enjoy the benefits of Delta 8. There are many versatile ways to use Delta 8 flower to meet your needs.



Inhaling the smoke from CBD flower is one of the fastest ways to enjoy the effects of CBD. Burning the flower in a blunt or joint activates the Delta 8, furthering the compound’s potent effects.



Vaping is similar to smoking, but instead of the flower, you smoke heated oil extracted from the cannabis plant using electrical sensors inside a vape pen. You will get a lighter effect than smoking flowers, but the resulting feeling will be similar.



Yes, you can eat CBD Delta 8 flower! If you want to be creative, mix some crushed-up flowers into and food or drink and enjoy! Ingesting Delta 8 edibles will take longer to work than smoking, but the effects will last longer.


What Other Ways Can I Enjoy Delta 8 THC Flower?

Smoking isn’t the only way to enjoy the effects of Delta 8! If there are other strains you’re interested in other than the ones listed here or would prefer not to smoke, you aren’t limited to smoking Delta 8 flower!


Delta 8 edibles, oils, and concentrates are available in even more strains. Expand your options with the classic Pineapple Express and Fruity Cereal vape pens or tasty Purple Punch shatter to use for dabbing. So if you’re wondering about Delta 8 near me, visit our website.


Final Thoughts – Delta 8 Strains for Beginners

Hopefully, you now better understand what Delta 8 is and how it fits into the world of CBD. While it is manufactured in a lab, it is far from artificial and can make you feel more euphoric than ordinary hemp CBD.


Exhale offers a world of alternatives to traditional medicine by promoting the therapeutic balance from quality Delta 8 THC. If you decide to explore strains of Delta 8, be prepared for new doors to open up as you find faster routes to relaxation, euphoria, and revitalization.

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